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BG1 NPC Project PL


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Hello, I've got a one, so important question.




In Poland we're started to organize litlle modding community. Now it's only VERY small page, then don't ask about link :pP Maybe later, when we create true site :suspect:




And I've got a idea to translate NPC project to polish - we just create a new package, without TRA files. But we need permission. Can we?

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If you hold on for a few more weeks, we will have TRA files for you...

We are getting a few new additions back from authors and then it would certainly be welcome. Until we get it through playtesting, though, the senior project team members have always indicated that they want to hold off on translations and be active in coordinating translations of the project.



Current contacts for translations are:



Domi (French/French Canadian)

Jastey (German)

Andyr (Scottish) [joke here -- not really!]

Kulyok (Russian)

Clan DLAN (Spanish) [coordinated by CamDawg? Andyr? Jastey?]


So it looks like there is definitely space for a Polish translation team.


We have several ways to go (and a warning; TRA files for this project are long. A minor component adds 270 TRA lines; it is one of a ton of files, some of which add lots more lines than that. We are talking a huge amount of text here). The quick answer is "no, please wait for TRA"; the longer answer is "hold on while we get things together, and by the end of August we should have TRA stuff ready to go for you".

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Just a heads up... Translating BG1NPC will have to be a pretty major group project for anyone involved. I did a preliminary test today, and results were:


over 105 .tra files,


ranging in weight from 8 lines to the big winner (although there were some close races with files from Ajanits and Coran Romances):




3971 individual entries.


Just for fun, anyone know what the average novel runs nowadays?

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Translating takes more time than reading. It is never a simple case of direct translation, if such a thing were even possible. Tone matters, and cultural differences demand that certain changes be made to preserve the original tone and intent.


I am not saying this to discourage anyone! I would like everyone to be able to experience BG1 NPC project.


All I am saying is that time estimates are going to be deceptive, and it might take a bit longer to translate something than it would to simply read it or even to proofread it in its original language.

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