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[fixed] Possible bug: Multistrongholds: Paladin


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Ill try to explain the best i can, so you can tell me if i am a n00b or this is a real bug.


Background: Im playing as a sorceress, i already have the fighter, cleric and druid strongholds. No complaints there! :)


To get the paladin stronghold this is what i do:


1- I go to the coppers coronet, i get the invitation to go to windspear.

2- I go to windspear and kill some paladins. The "dude" (dont remember the name) appears and i agree to go to his house.

3- I enter the house, his kid gets kidnapped, i agree to go rescue him.

4- I go to firkaag but i dont kill him. I only tell him i´ll be back, baby.

5- I kill the mage, get the key, open the cage, rescue the kid, go back to the house, talk to the "dude" i get the thanks and the XP.

6- I go to the Most Noble Order of the Radiant heart.


Nothing happens u_u There is no "other dude" to speak to. (some dude at the center of the order hall as far as i recall). However, the "paladin boss dude" is at his desk, but the only option i have to say is that i have nothing to say ¬¬


I often solve this problem as Mang0 told me once:





But for some reason its not working now with tweaks, when it worked fine with EOU u_u

I rechecked, went back to windspear to see if i had forgotten something, but the only thing they say is "thanks", so i have completed that quest... i also completed the quest of reynald (in case that had something to do with it).


Might it be the fact my sorceress is CN instead of LG ? Did i do something wrong ?


Thanks u_u

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I got this bug too, with both the Paladin stronghold and the Mage stronghold (I'm playing a fighter/theif). Couldn't find a workable solution anywhere, so I resorted to the tactic I used to get all the strongholds long before I ever heard of mods. It's detailed in Dan Simpson's BG2 walkthrough, but here's the gist:


Make a saved game before talking to the Prelate.


Change your character class via Shadowkeeper (ie, on the Characteristics Tab, set Class to Paladin and Kit to True Class).


Enter SetGlobal("PlayerHasStronghold","GLOBAL",0) in your CLUA Console.


Talk to the Prelate; get the stronghold.


Make a saved game.


Change your class back to Sorcerer in Shadowkeeper.


Worked for me with both the Mage and Paladin strongholds.


I sure wish Kish would get the NPC strongholds mod up and running so I could stop using the multiple strongholds component once and for all! :(


Good luck! ;)

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