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and you thought we were silly here....


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actually i think the original was far far far more disturbing..   

Argh :rant: cant get the song out of my head. Btw saw this in fridge, still its hypnotic. :O


Err about mushrooms, it reminds me of a certain event in army. We were going through soldiers exam and affter long day made camp in woods. Somebody sugested to add natural mushroom to food. Resulting fumes produced rather interesting effect. :O QUOTE Wow nice shiny colors QUOTE. :O Said a buddy of mine.


Speaking of strange, have you seen what the fans of Sims have thought up? Now these guy are strange. :)

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what did they come up with now???   

I remember 3 things. Nude patch, topless maid patch & love making patch. Rumor was somebody wanted to make strip bar. Not sure it didnt come up with eMule. Some what pitty that the game wont work on my machine. :)

be afraid, be very afraid...

Indeed. :rant:

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