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Project music.


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Uh, well, you could always recycle some of the old Icewind Dale music. Some rather excellent pieces there.


I've taken a look at Inon Zur's webpage. There are quite a few music tracks publicly available there. Parts of the tracks he did for Prince of Persia are fairly arabic in theme, as you would expect, but they're mostly battle oriented.

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hey Domi,


if you still need any music you could try this place. www.edgin.com. you would have to ask permission to use the music from here though but it is awsome stuff. aslo if there is any music you want to use from IWD 1 i can help in that matter. I have the music CD and I may be able to send you a song or two. let me know if you want it. Keep up the good work!

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Oh, well, they say the third party/publisher authorization is needed (it figures seeing how the stuff is from the games). I guess, I'll use native IWD1/2 music then, seeing how the game is modified anyways.

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