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Vampiric Touch

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According to the description, this spell causes and heals 1d6 damage per 2 caster levels. At 12th level, it should do 6 - 36 damage.


However, the actual values seems to be 3d4, +6 at 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th levels. At 12th level, it does 27 - 36 damage.



Incidentally, according to the manual, Larloch's Minor Drain should cause and heal 1d4 damage, but of course in-game it's set at 4. Since the in-game description is for 4 points, I'm guessing this would be classed as a tweak rather than a bug-fix.

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The problem here is that LMD maps cleanly to a percentile system (doesn't get easier than 1d4), whereas 6d6 does not, thanks to its nice, peaked bell curve. You could attempt it via invoking six spells of 1d6 each, but it's just overkill and a lot of messages in the window.

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