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OMG! Geek squad is real!


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Has anyone seen the ads for the "Geek Squad," with the guy in the white Oxford shirt and the black and white VW Beetle?


My boyfriend saw one the other day in Easton, PA.


They're real!


Well, probably not the rocket packs.

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Now, now... that would take a miracle.


Or is it "Inconthieveable!" "I do not think that means what you think it means..." :p


Yes indeedy, the Geek Squad is at your Local Chicago-Land Area Best Buy store, in black and white and teeanaged angst. They do indeed consisit of powergamers, techheads, and the kind of (mostly young )guys who can patiently walk Mr. & Ms. Joe Non-Computer-User throughbasic troubleshooting ropes; but say the words "overclock", "water-cooled", "Falcon NW", or "Alienware", and they drop the nice-guy stuff and talk for real. So far, 3 tests of knowledge in two separate stores (not for me, but so I know if it is safe to send fellow teachers who live to far away for me to help troubleshoot their rigs) have all been met with reasonable advice. And Ialthough I have seen the trademark VW in that parking lot, i haven't seen them off-site yet.

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I usually rely on a) my boyfriend, b) Dell, or c) my buddy the 'computer dude' when stuff goes wrong with my computer. Norton System Doctor happens before a). I'm an idiot when it comes to computers, but I'm learning. I still always feel like something important happend in the computer world while I was busy doing something else.

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click on the flash6+ links, and you will be seriously amused! James Bond meets Walter Mitty meets Maxwell Smart.


On a serious note, this company has mixed reviews; like all tech services, the service is as good as the local manager and supply of trained technitians willing to wear a "uniform" and work for a major store/corporation. They are higher-priced then I would be (or many tech folks are) in the Chicago market, because they are pretty much aimed at folks who just want their Magic Box fixed; the advantage is if someone messes with/steals your data, you have a major corporation with deep pockets to sue (it seems to be the American Way :p ).


The advertizements are a riot, though... the funiest is the lady screaming at her home computer; Geek Squadders all swing their heads around like Batman seeing the Bat Signal, and then one grabs a laptop and heads off in his Geek Squad-Car, only to be brought up short by a traffic jam. Undaunted, he steps out of his vehicle, takes out a rocket-backpack and a safety helmet, settles his goggles, and takes off over the crowd, heading out to Save the Day!


And they really do wear the black-and-white, complete with "police" style badge on their belt...

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