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True Class & Aerie


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Just been looking at the Cleric Re-Mix and wondered what the effect of installation would be with Aerie, speciifcally, how the implementation of spheres would effect her?


Also this looks like an open beta, although my computer is offline at the moment, I could down load this and test it using Aerie and (maybe) Branwen in SOA, although I don't get a lot of time playing, and am very slow. I have cluaconsoled Branwen into BG2, although I did not test her as an NPC or what happens if you tell her to leave the party. Its a bit wierd :D ; she talks about being a statue.



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Change the description in what way?


Yes, Remix should affect Aerie's spells. :D

How does the remix effect True Class clerics?


You posted a link at Forgotten Wars that described the spheres thingy, but I can't find it again, and I'd like to know what happens to TC Clerics (of which Aerie is the only BG2 NPC unaffected by the mod). :D


To the others, the reason for asking is that with Viconia becoming a Nighthawk and Branwen a battleguard, a player's party may be more restricted in its choice of Healer. Its not because I want a kit class for Aerie, if anything it's because I don't

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I can tell you now that a trueclass Cleric loses no healing spells. :rant:


Off the top of my head, they lose Barkskin, Physical Mirror and a couple of others. They get some which were previously Druid only, like Dolorous Decay. So no healing worries. :)

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