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Suggestions for Auren ToB


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As in... hmm. Well, I guess what I'm talking about is like a bit of a branching path; making it so there are 2 possibilities their romance can follow. For example, one would be if Nalia refuses to change, and the other would be she changes.


Things like that add replayability to a mod; I always think its cool when people do that with NPC mods... so why not with an NPC romance mod? I'm not sure if its viable, but I think it might be cool (and not very hard to do, really, considering the length of ToB!).

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I still don't quite follow. Change or refuse to change what?


I have an idea of what you are thinking and I think you may have given yourself a dead end. True there is not as much work to do because it's ToB but that's just it! There is no time! The big part of the romance is in SoA, where it develops into a friendship and finally a romance. In the SoA portion *watch for spoilers* you will find that Auren makes a fairly large promise to Nalia. The ToB portion of the mod will expand upon that promise.


So far, the mod's romance will branch out in a way so that the game will know if Auren and Nalia had gotten to a certain part of the romance in SoA or not, and so there will be banters written accordingly.


I hope that answers your question. Go play V4 and tell me what you think of the new force talk option! :)

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