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mocking a reinstallation for both Easy Tutu and BG2


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The following directions are for BG2 mods:


"Make clean backups of override folder, baldur.ini, bgmain.exe, chitin.key and dialog.tlk. You can mock a complete reinstall by deleting your modded override folder and WeiDU.log file and copying the backups into the install directory."


I would like to be able to do this for both Easy Tutu and BG2. So I backed up the above files in virgin form (fresh after installation) for both the BG2 and the Easy Tutu folder.


I'm about to complete a heavily modded Easy Tutu game, and I now plan to take the PC on into a heavily modded BG2 game.


Am I understanding correctly that


1) I can now install all the desired mods in the BG2 folder, and play my modded BG2 game


2) after completion of that BG2 game, mock a fresh reinstall of BG2 by restoring the clean backups of SoA's override folder, baldur.ini, bgmain.exe, chitin.key and dialog.tlk. (allowing me to install a different set of BG2 mods) for my next SoA/ToB game


3) restore the unmodded backups of Easy Tutu's override folder, baldur.ini, bgmain.exe, chitin.key and dialog.tlk and reinstall a whole new set of Tutu mods for my next BG/ToSC Tutu game?


Or does the above procedure work only for BG2?


It'd be great if I can avoid having to fully uninstall/reinstall both BG1 and BG2 in order to play different constellations of mods for both games each time I play through the entire saga. Can I can mock up a fresh installation using this procedure for both games?

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I am sure Macready has a good answer; as far as I can tell, the above procedure works but I go one step safer. If you have the space, leave one "master copy" of a clean full install, modded with the degreenifier, of EasyTutu and a second clean install of TOB, simply copied into another folder or onto another drive. Then, when you want to reinstall, manually blow away the whole SoA or BaldursGateTutu folder, and copy the backup in place. The desktop links will still apply.


I have gone so far as to install 3 EasyTutu installs in BaldursGateTutu, BaldursGateTutuTesting, and BaldursGateTutuDev. The only restriction is Easytutu will only uninstall the last version installed if you use the "add/remove programs".

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