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Multiple Strongholds...not working?

Guest Sithobi1

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Guest Sithobi1

I looked over the forums and didn't see anything about this, but my elven fighter/mage/thief didn't recieve the stronghold from Lavok before he died and left me with the Ring of Acuity. I'm currently controlling Mae'var's guildhall. If it's a problem I caused, is there some variable in the savegame that I could alter with Shadowkeeper or the console to allow me to pick up the Planar Sphere?

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No, I had a save right before that, so I managed to use Shadowkeeper to set PlayerHasStronghold(or something like that) to 0.


However...another odd thing happened. The console doesn't show up when I hit ctrl+tab any more, and the ctrl+ cheats don't work. Is this simply something related to my installation, or could the tweak pack affect it? Of course, I put Cheats=1 right before the difficulty setting in baldur.ini.

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I've had this problem on my last three runthroughs with BG2 Tweaks, with both the Planar Sphere and the Paladin Stronghold. In both cases, it wasn't enough to set the PlayerHasStronghold variable to 0, I had to SK my class to Mage and Paladin, respectively (if I wasn't one or the other already). This MIGHT be happening with the Thieve's stronghold as well...I always turn that one down, so I can never remember if it was actually offered or not, but I remember a couple of times thinking I missed the Renal dialogue where he gives me the guild.


In the case of the Paladin stronghold, Garren delivers his shpiel about "Maybe I can offer a service instead...", but when I go to the see the Prelate at the Radiant Heart, he just tells me he's very important, and asks what he can do for me (or something like that). It takes both setting the stronghold variable to 0 AND SKing the character into a paladin for him to invite me to join the Order.


This never happened with Ease of Use. I'm just sayin'. :D

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This MIGHT be happening with the Thieve's stronghold as well...I always turn that one down, so I can never remember if it was actually offered or not, but I remember a couple of times thinking I missed the Renal dialogue where he gives me the guild.


This happened to me in my game. I was promised to be given the thief stronghold, but when I killed MaeVar and returned to Renal, he wouldn't mention anything about running the guildhall nor did he give it to me anyway.


My PC is a fighter and when I look into the global section with Shadowkeeper, PCKEEPOWNER value is 1 (as I finished Nalia quest and received the fighter stronghold)


Such has not happened when I installed ease-of-use.


So what should I do to own the guildhall using Shadowkeeper?

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Same problem here. I had been offered thief stronghold from Raenal but he did not give me one when I finished the whole Maevar quest. There isn't the option that I choose to get it. I checked Raenal's dialog and found what causes this problem. His dlg checks the main character's class. If you are not thief or multi class with thief, the check fails and he did not give you the thief stronghold. It did not happen in EoU. Probably need to fix for the next version. I simply change his dialog not to check the main character's class.


I am not sure about other stronghold since I have not reached other stronghold quests.

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I have a different minor problem when installing multiple strongholds. My

PC is a neutral evil fighter. Therefore, as makes sense, I am doing the

Temple quests on behalf of Talos (so that eventually I can get this stronghold).

All well and good, but when you are given the quest to ensure the delivery

of the stolen ring, you aren't given the option of swearing that you come

from Talos, which evil clerics can do (and which last game, no multiple

strongholds, my neutral PC was able to do with amusing results as Talos

did indeed blast him with lightning). I am guessing that the check there

is wrong, since the only option I was allowed was 'I cannot swear as

you desire' when my PC, of course, would have been perfectly willing to

swear and be perfectly correct to do so.


Thank you for your attention,

and thank you for the mods

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Some fixes for v4!

  • You can now claim to be an agent of Talos or Lathander (as appropriate) with both Borinall and Travin, the two fellows from the Dawn Ring quest.
  • The messenger that summons you back to the druid grove in the course of the stronghold quests would have nothing to say to non-druids.
  • Lavok errors are fixed.

For the life of me, I have been unable to replicate any errors with Renal's dialogue. The patch works as expected and the class checks are removed. Could this be a mod conflict? If anyone has experienced this, some weidu.logs would be nice. ???


Enhancements for v4:

  • A second option for multiple strongholds that will allow you to acquire multiple strongholds, but only in your classes--i.e. a fighter-mage can get the Planar Sphere and de'Arnise Keep, but won't be offered the playhouse or the thieves guild.
  • As Kulyok notes here, you are not given a chance to decline some of the strongholds. I'll be adding sensible ways to decline these strongholds (to both variants), as applicable.

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I'm sure it's been said in this thread already - and if not, here it is: please don't remove the ability of the PC to get ALL strongholds, no matter his/her race, creed, color palette, alignment, sexual/religious persuasion, kit, class, or kaboodle.


I don't care if it seems illogical, if it doesn't match canon BG or D&D rules, if it offends certains people's religious beliefs. Please maintain the component's very simple, original intent: all strongholds for the PC. Period.

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