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Chant spell bug?

Guest sparsoe@gmail.com

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Guest sparsoe@gmail.com

I play SoA+ToB. I recently downloaded and installed G3 fixpack. Before that I used baldurdash and the gametext updater. No other mods whatsoever and the latest official ToB patch. From the Optional but cool components I chose to install just these three:

Improved Spell Animations

Ghreyfain's Holy Symbol Fixes

Corrected Summoned Demon Behavior


I also installed your Game Text Update.


Twice now I've encountered an odd behaviour of the chant spell when an enemy casts it (I never use it myself). The spell only affects my party (the description suggests that it should affect everyone within a 30-foot radius giving a bonus to the caster's allies and a penalty to his enemies, but the spell only affects my party). But that's not all. It actually seems to give my party the +1 bonus.

I've never encountered this behaviour prior to the installation of G3 AFAIK. It happened in the Sahuagin city near the large fish mouth (where the priestress has the cloak of deflection, though it was not her that cast chant). The second time was in the Underdark, see these screenshots: http://www.domain.com. My character is wearing the ring of gaxx so with no spells affecting him he gets a +2 to save throws (displayed as "(-2)" on the save throw list". The top image shows that the bonus is now +3, while the lower one shows the situation where chant was cast, notice the game text window.


I've also noticed that the description of Kuo-Toa bolts says they have a weight of 1, but they're actually weightless.

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I don't if I'm just being silly, but (I'm using ver. 1) when I cast chant on a partymember, my priest go to the one addressed by chant. This seems logical enough one should think, but I never seen this before. Is this intentional?



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