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Jaheira bug fix not working

Guest V

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When it comes to manually setting global variables, the CLUAConsole is better than NI or Shadowkeeper. For one thing, you can see the results right away, because it happens real time.


Would you be kind enough to look up your global value again, to see if it took?


You can use the console for that.


Just type in





No sense opening and closing the game more than you have to.

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I'm on it... or rather, pro5 diagnosed the problem immediately when berelinde posted the relevant code at SHS.


I need to set weights on several of the sections of this quest. I will get a hotfix up in a few days, and if i am lucky (and the reports on the BGT side come back ok) then we will go to CamDawg and ask for a new Beta release (or heck, I think this qualifies as a full v12 now that it works pretty cleanly on both Tutu and BGT. If I keep delaying the blasted thing to track down stuff in order to pursue that "perfect release", it will never get done. v12 by Jan 31st, and then we can loop in the next round of findings and upgrades into a Platinum version at the beginning of next fall).

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OK, now fixed on both EasyTutu and BGT sides - for a repaired file for Tutu, you can use this one to replace BG1NPC\Phase2\DLG\X#JAQU.D or PM me for the spiffy fixed up internal version that I hope will be Beta4 in just a week or so!

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I am afraid this one is requiring a recode. If the attached file still gives the trouble, that is. The complete recode is done, using Kulyok's coding template, but untested. I am sorry, but the only way out of this right now is to




and move on, and I will try to get a test of the internal as fast as I can. My apologies - this one is my fault. I tested it from a savegame instead of the biginning, which is kinda stupid, so the bug went unnoticed. We are running behind release a month or so, but only because

1. we are undergoing a complete recode to further standardize and clean code

2. we are attempting to finish off Tiax and Faldorn quests (Xan's is in, tested, and ready to release)

3. 2 out of 3 of us working on recoding are limited in time and energy to work on grunt work (Kulyok completed a full Phase3 romances recode in record time, but berelinde and I are stretching hard trying to match her speed).

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