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kit.ids for BG2, not for Tutu?

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I'm pretty sure that BG2 Fixpack fixes the kit.ids for BG2. At least I see it itn the tp2.


I'm planning on using those kit.ids in my Tutu mod, but BG2 Fixpack isn't designed for Tutu.


Would it even work in a Tutu installation?

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Check the BG1 NPC tp2 for some other stuff, too - especially the tph entries. They can all be set up so that they only change stuff that needs to be changed on a specific install, so it is probably better to be sae rather than sorry!

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I don't think the "evil" wiki code has changed.


I'm not entirely convinced the wildmage/barbarian kit simultanious kit definition is totally functional, and I don't like the internal names being silly, so I've got the following in the levelonenpcs mess that I'm making and am considering using unique identifers in the word that Kit() fails to check.


// edit


That doesn't help you at all, sorry. Deleted.

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I need to be able to check for


Kit(Player1,ASSASIN) /* sic */




!Kit(Player1,ASSASIN) /* sic */


After that, everything else is gravy.

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You're good to go then :)


It won't hurt anything if you add


to those blocks, it will just always return false if someone hasn't corrected the spelling errors in their own install - Fixpack doesn't (probably for compatibility reasons) but some other mods do (*cough*).


If you don't want to, it will hardly ever matter either :D

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