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mage HLAs in FMT/FMC

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I always play solo with XP cap removed. That's the only "rule" I break, if you want to call it that. To me, a single level 50 FMT/FMC is still much weaker than a party of 6 that are well within their XP cap. Besides, I always play with mods like MixMod and IE_Harder in addition to all the tactical mods.


Regardless, thats not the issue. The point is, I repeat, for the Change XP Cap component to be consistent with the HLAs

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Thanks CamDawg.


FMT: not sure about losing Energy Blades in the above mod, which I do use sometimes. I'd lose Power Attack, War Cry, Scribe Scrolls and Alchemy. If we have to retain Power Attack as a pre-requisite, I'd drop (Greater) Deathblow instead.


Never played a FMC and unlikely to, so no preference there.

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I think I've found the fix referred to earlier in this thread, which supposedly makes FMT and FMC HLAs more "mage friendly". Unfortunately it's low on specifics. Can anyone a bit more tech-savvy work out exactly what is being replaced by what? Link below. It seems to be (sort of) in Weidu format...




Nice find, coaster. But I'm not sure if thats the one I was thinking of. The author in the mod I downloaded gave a good justification in the readme of why certain HLAs were dropped.


Anyway, its up the people behind BG2 Tweaks to decide if they want to do anything about it. At least, I'm glad the problem is notified.

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Sure, something like that would be easy enough. We'd be looking to trim 4 HLAs from FMCs and 5 from FMTs. Let's use this thread as suggestions for what to drop, then we can run a poll to vote.



War Cry



Energy Blades



Energy Blades

Globe of Blades

Mass Raise Dead




Avoid Death


Greater Evasion

Scribe Scrolls

I'd drop those.

For fighters, its tough to drop anything else because they are pre-reqs

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Erm oops, I forgot to cut out Acoid Death/Evasion/Greater Evasion. Those actually are useful. Sorry, can't edit.


Other abilities you could lose are Magic resistance for fighters as either equipment, spells or by the end of BG2 you will have more or at least 50% MR anyway.


And comet for mages because dragon's breath is much better :p

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