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Where's Drini?

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I just did a complete reinstall of BG2 and included the Anniversary mod. Now I've been all over the Copper Coronet but I can't find Drini, who I suppose gets things going.

I'm bumming around chapter 2.

Where is she supposed to be?

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Drini should be standing near to Salvanas, at the front of the CC's bar. If he's not there, something's probably gone wrong with the install. Did you see ay error reports while installing the mod?


I'm not sure offhand if you could just spawn him in to get things going, or if other kinds of jiggery-pokerry might be needed. If you can't find him, hopefully someone with more knowledge of the mod's guts than me will show up to sort things out.

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Thanks for your reply.

I reinstalled the mod and Drini appeared where you said. However, dialogue stops after I ask how much his bar tab is. After that, he just wants to know how the quest is going, but I was never told what I was supposed to be doing. (i.e., I get the "im not a bar maid" or something like that dialogue)


The only thing I can think of is that I chased off that other guy (the one with the lewd comments) quite some time ago (thinking that maybe he had something to do with Drini not loading). Was he needed for this conversation?

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IIRC, yes.



I have no idea what IIRC means.


I don't suppose if the mod had installed properly to begin with that Salvanas would have been an issue, since he was overwitten. That said, would it work to reload him (Shadowkeeper) and then reinstalling the Anniversary mod?


Then again, I think I read somewhere that you can't pick up this mod after the game has already started (I.e. - I've already been to the Five Flagons). So I guess this exercise is sort of pointless, anyway. :)

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IIRC = If I Recall Correctly.


I seriously doubt Salvanus was overwritten. Probably just appended. If that was the only thing wrong, you might be able to console him in, and have the conversation to to the end OK, but I'd wait around for one of the G3A modders to give you a definitive answer, if I were you.

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Salvanas could well be consoled back in and you could start the conversation again (you might have to change the variable that makes him leave to get him to stay though). I recall some talk of changing things to alllow that to conversation to occur without him, but I can't remember if it was ever implemented.


But Berelinde's right, you should probbaly wait for one of the G3A modders to look in here.

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Thanks for the replies.

The reason I'm not sure about reloading Salvanas is that, when I try to do so Shadowkeeper tells me that it's overwritten and am I sure I want to do that.

I'm not :)

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Yeah, someone pointed this out a bit earlier and it simply hasn't been fixed yet. Drini's initial comments check to make sure Salvanas is present before handing off dialogue to him, but later in Drini's dialogue the checks are missing. If you have a save game from prior to speaking with Drini, you can reload, spawn Salvanas, and go through the dialogue again. Salvanas can be spawned with:




If you don't have a save, you can manually import Drini's drink list:




If you do not have the console enabled, instructions are in the IESDP.


Sorry for the inconvenience; an update for G3A has been on my to-do list for a while.

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