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The Big Picture, Tortured Souls etc files!


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Good evening,

ive been trying to find all the files required to install the big picture giant mod thing but i cant find the tortured soul patch files needed anywhere! All the links via google are broken.

The BP installation manual says you need TSv50 and in addition to the mod itself TSv503, TSv504 and TSv505 patches. All i have found is TSv502 which apparently is the mod itself (TSv50?). Any idea on where to find the files? Or if there is another way id appreciate the help, thank you.

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Thank you very much Im sure i can dig up the right files from those links. Allthough im not looking for particularly "old" files just a working Big Picture mod with TDD and Shadows over soubar and whatever is required to get the thing up and running.

I bumbed into the BP mod last week and it seemed like worth trying so had to dig up the good ' ol game.

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