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I'd like to include voice clips for Xan(if I get the voice actor's cooperation) for the existing banters. So far the Crossmod Banter Pack has been silent, and it's been a while, so before I get to the voicing part, I'd like to ask: are voice clips accepted?


(Regarding the increased size, my personal opinion is separate downloads for TUTU and BG2, but no optional "light"(silent) downloads. If the player downloads 12mb of Xan, ~12+15mb of Kelsey, 30mb of Amber and so on, I guess size does not matter as much, especially since most NPCs do not have "light versions". But that's just me.)

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Joy! I finally got the lines for Xan - with Kelsey, Keto and Tiax; nine in total.


So - how should I e-mail them to you, wrapped up in oggs(and .tp2 code to boot) or raw wav's? I guess oggs are more convenient(and are smaller), but I'm asking just in case, since it hasn't been done before.

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No need to do separate Tutu and BGT sound stuff. Crossmod Banter Pack doesn't currently deal with BG1 content, so there's no reason to worry about it. And BGT uses existing BG2 resource references for BG2, so there's nothing special that needs to be done.


If it matters, I don't have any objection to adding voiced lines to CBP. Even if every single banter had a voiced first line, the mod would still be a smaller download than some of the mods it supports.

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