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IWD1/IWD2: 1 more CRE flag


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The byte at offset 0x272 in IWD1 (0x29e in IWD2) has the effect of incrementing a global variable "KILL_<name>_CNT". For example, after killing the Beetle's in Easthaven (EHBEETLE.CRE in the pub's basement), "KILL_BEETLE_CNT" is incremented to 4. In this particular case, the game developer put a variable "EHBeetle_Kill_CNT" in the 3rd script-name slot and that is tested in Grisella's dialog to determine if the quest is done. Perhaps they thought there might be other Beetles that would be killed by the party while doing the quest.


I believe it's the name in the CRE that's used for the KILL_*_CNT variable. It's definitely not the Actor name in the ARE.

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I'm not sure that the KILL_*_CNT variables are ever used in IWD1. I haven't even seen an instance of the NumDead*() triggers in the game (not sure if they use this variable or not). So, perhaps this variable isn't used for much of anything, and in that case setting these flags just clutters the game with a lot of unused globals.

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Ok, so we know 3 of the 4 byte flags. Any creature using the fourth?


As a side note, the hiding bit is not completely hiding the creature, it still 'takes up space'. So it behaves like an unpassable/invisible wall.

I don't know if the scripts of the creature are still running, or what happens if/when it attacks.

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