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IWD2 CRE's: more unknown


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Here are the last few unknowns I'm trying to debunk:

1 byte at 0x066: it's almost always 0x00, but a few times it's 0x0a
1 byte at 0x303: most are 0x00, but a few hundred are 0x02
1 byte at 0x3b4: most are 0x05, but a few range 0x02-0x0b
2 bytes at 03b6: most are 0x1000, but many values aren't.  The values look like bit-fields (they're sparse ORs of 2^n).

It's quite possible that one or more of these are random data fields (that would sure make things easier :))

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Amazing, the guys really cared for small nuances in the beginning.

It is sad the end became so hasted.

This is a really good point. It hadn't occurred to me that they simply ran out of time.


My major quibble with IWD2 is that the focus is so much on battle tactics and puzzle solving. The waves of goblin raiders you battle at the palisade and the worg riders that are summoned by Orc shaman drummers are impressively scripted, but in the end it comes down to battle tactics (OTOH the "battle squares" and the boulder puzzle are just silly). There are some very fine details as well in the game, but overall the Epic story telling and crpg immersion felt like it was set aside for other things. IWD1 felt very original to me (the first time I went into "the Hand" and into "Dorn's Deep" I was really blown away, but I have to admit I've never liked Dragon's Eye that much).


Um, then again IWD1 was the first IE game I ever played, so I'm hopelessly biased :)


Heh, sorry for the rant! I couldn't help it. :)



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