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0x69 gold


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Despite the simplicity this effect works differently in pst, bg1 and bg2.


In BG1 it does nothing.

In PST it adds gold. (tearring uses it)

in BG2 it destroys gold.



Anyone knows any instances of it being used in any games?

I'm going to implement only the PST version if there are no other uses.

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spwish15: called 'wealth' and says the party gained gold is identical to

spwish23: called 'ruin' which says the party lost gold.


spin625 is also called 'ruin' but it has a negative value.


If i implement it the PST way, spin625 will work correctly.

spwish15 will work as it was intended (i think).

And I believe i will supply a correct spwish23 (with negative value).


Do you think this is correct?


Right now, spwish15 doesn't work as it should and couldn't be fixed (am i right?).

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I think the gain gold is unused (they did GiveGoldForce); the negative is just a really (really) large positive value (unsigned). There should be a wild magic gold drain somewhere (maybe 3625; can't remember). I can give definitive answers if you wait awhile -- unless Nythrun hurries along and does it for me. ;)


It's up to you what you want to do for GemRB. It's easier to manipulate party gold by script, so I don't think any mods rely on it working a certain way (certainly nobody cares if it works at all).

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mode 0 removes gold in bg2, adds gold in pst, doesn't work correctly in bg1.


mode 1 sets gold in bg2. (didn't test any other engine)


mode 2 sets percentage in bg2. (didn't test any other engine)


So, removing all gold would be safely achieved by mode 1 with param 1 = 0.

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It is already done.

I simply convert the value set to linear during load time.


tmpByte = tmpByte * 2;

if (tmpByte>10) tmpByte-=11;


(I also multiply iwd2 stat by 2, so it is the same scale)


Then in combat i use stat/2 with an extra attack every second round when stat is odd.

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In BG2, it uses the literal value. CheckStat(Myself,6,APR) is true if you have .5 APR (and GT(5) returns true if you have .5 to 9/2 APR).


Which isn't very useful, so I don't think you should necessarily avoid changing it.

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