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Joy! Happiness! and a question.

Guest erik

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My incumbent NPC shows up in game with custom portrait, talks and joins me! Yay! Now for the 99% remaining work...


Question: Can I override reputation/happiness behaviour for this specific NPC only? The npc is of good alignment, but shouldn't leave even when reputation hits rock bottom.

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If you are talking about your own NPC, then don't worry - you would have to script the reaction to the party reputation. A home-grown NPC does not actually come with any link between reputation and happiness, you have to create it.


If you are talking about an in-game NPC, then techinaclly there is a way of rebuilding the NPC script to make sure it doesn't happen (they respond but don't leave).

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I could've sworn she left the party and ran off once, but that's what comes of being a figment of my imagination. *shrug* ... taking on a life of her own already.


Right now, I'm going moderately mad from making bams. Par for the course? :)

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Hmm. She doesn't run off, but she definitely bitches, moans and leaves the party when my reputation gets too low. And no, I haven't scripted anything in particular to get her to do that.



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Yeah, the tweak pack "happy patch" mucks around with a .2da or two. Modifying that would affect every npc, though, which I don't want...

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Yeah, I'm finding that out as well. I need to do the same thing, because I've written a romance for a good NPC in a game where everyone turns hostile in the last chapter. It's *real* easy for your rep to drop from super-high all the way through the floor in just a few rounds. It just wouldn't do for someone who is in a committed relationship to bolt if somebody starts talking behind <CHARNAME>'s back.

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COPY_EXISTING ~dplayer2.bcs~ ~override~


Well, that wasn't too bad... I very much suspect there are less hacky ways to do it, though.

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Whee. Description bam #2 was done in approximately 1/8 of the time I used on the first. Finding a good "imitate-pencil-drawing-from-picture" plugin for the Gimp helped immensely.

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