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  1. So I installed EET on my Steam version of the EE games in order to do a full-trilogy run-through, and things seem to be going fine except that, after starting Chapter 9 in SOD, the chapter number on my save games (as shown on the load game list) jumped, for some reason, to 21, and is being incremented from there (so my "Chapter 10 start" game says "Chapter 22, 160 days", etc.). Checking the global variables with the console, "Chapter" there is still what it should be, so I don't expect there will be any actual issues as a result from this but it's still rather strange - does anyone know where the game reads the number it lists there from and whether I can tweak it with NearInfinity? Thanks.
  2. Did anyone who downloaded this patch keep a copy, by any chance? The sendspace link is now dead and Google doesn't suggest that there's any other place to find it. Thanks for any help you (general you) can offer.
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