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  1. This is an awesome idea, thanks for making it a reality! I particularly like the idea that the rest timer is advanced by fighting and dialogue so you'll be able to rest sooner if you have a busy day - that's an improvement over the previous mod I used to address this design flaw. That said, it's resulted in an issue adding the mod on my EET install - essentially I would get this error during the dialogue patching step: [./override/BDCORWIJ.DLG] loaded, 47612 bytes [BDCORWIJ.DLG.DLG] loaded [BDCORWIJ.DLG] created from [BDCORWIJ.DLG] WARNING: cannot verify trigger ~ AreaCheck("BD0114")
  2. I'm getting the following error trying to install the multiclass components: ERROR: Sys_error("FAITHS_AND_POWERS_MULTICLASS/lib/semi_spontaneous.tpa: No such file or directory") I think that some of the functions from FnP included in the separate TP2 for the multiclass components are trying to find their libraries in %MOD_FOLDER%, which is the separate multiclass folder when they're being included, and failing to find them?
  3. It's a new install (which is why I restarted) and had the most recent patches I see on your public Github (March 8 IIRC), but it's EET and there are a lot of mods (especially now that I've added so many of yours - lots of really cool ideas there) and I'm well aware of how much of a house of cards that can make things even with the best efforts on everyone's part. Thanks for the clarification on what to expect! I don't recall seeing that ability but I'll look for it when I get to play next and maybe roll up some other nuBards and try it out with them. edit: no worries @subtledoctor(
  4. I restarted an EET playthrough that had lain dormant for years just so I could try out the new bard changes on my Bladesinger PC, but one thing I'm not getting is how the new casting system works, and I'm not sure whether there's some sort of bug or I'm just missing something about what they gain access to as they level and how to make use of it. So I start out a Bladesinger at L1. The game asks me to pick 4 known and memorized spells, so I pick 4, memorize one of each, and then ingame I get the kit's automatic spells added to my set of known. But I only have access to actually cast one o
  5. I was having trouble installing RE after Transitions as instructed - specifically the Duke Eltan's Spare Minute component - and getting the following error: [bg1re/eltan/c#eltan_transition_add.d] loaded, 6005 bytes [tb#_compile_eval_buffer/bg1re/eltan/c#eltan_transition_add.d] LEXER ERROR at line 1 column 0-21 Near Text: - invalid character [-] ERROR: parsing [tb#_compile_eval_buffer/bg1re/eltan/c#eltan_transition_add.d]: Parsing.Parse_error ERROR: compiling [bg1re/eltan/c#eltan_transition_add.d]! Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. ERROR Inst
  6. I found this thread googling the same problem, and then I think I figured out why it happens (but someone who knows WEIDU better should please feel free to correct me). Definitely agree that the component LOOKS like it's intended to and should be able to fix old EET saves (plus, K4thos said this in a post here), but as currently written it'll always skip and I think this is why: BEGIN @910003 //Also update saves (no backups, check the readme file) SUBCOMPONENT @910000 //EET end - last mod in install order REQUIRE_COMPONENT ~EET/EET.tp2~ ~0~ @910001 //This component requires EET core c
  7. Just a heads-up about an error I got when I installed this mod: the setup would error out while installing the crossmod content with UB's Suna Seni, and after a quick look it turned out to be because Unfinished Business had changed its directory structure, so the lines in that section of your TP2 now need to look like this (ie: "~ub/lang/%s" instead of "~ub/tra/%s"): OUTER_SET valygar_state_1 = STATE_WHICH_SAYS 170 IN ~ub/lang/%s/ubdialog.tra~ FROM ~VALYGARJ.dlg~ OUTER_SET valygar_state_2 = STATE_WHICH_SAYS 172 IN ~ub/lang/%s/ubdialog.tra~ FROM ~VALYGARJ.dlg~ OUTER_SET valygar_state_3 =
  8. So I installed EET on my Steam version of the EE games in order to do a full-trilogy run-through, and things seem to be going fine except that, after starting Chapter 9 in SOD, the chapter number on my save games (as shown on the load game list) jumped, for some reason, to 21, and is being incremented from there (so my "Chapter 10 start" game says "Chapter 22, 160 days", etc.). Checking the global variables with the console, "Chapter" there is still what it should be, so I don't expect there will be any actual issues as a result from this but it's still rather strange - does anyone know wh
  9. Did anyone who downloaded this patch keep a copy, by any chance? The sendspace link is now dead and Google doesn't suggest that there's any other place to find it. Thanks for any help you (general you) can offer.
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