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  1. Thank you for very detailed input. So, to clear, 0x00000010 STATE_INVISIBLE provides +4 melee thac0 bonus. After any hostile actions terminates itself (lets now put backstab details aside). So, simply for players, it is "+4 melee to hit bonus on first attack". 0x00400000 STATE_IMPROVEDINVISIBILITY provides +4 Bonus to Saves. By "duplicate", is that reason Spell have both effects for INVISIBILITY-NORMAL, and INVISIBILITY-IMPROVED? I created spell to test, giving it only IMPROVED, but seems like it still works as you say - duplicate. You are not seen until you take hostile action,
  2. I will put more testing into this as soon I will need exactly to know all of its properties to the last detail, for some specific creatures. Tested basic things of course, and setting of STATEs. Endarire - from my expirience so far, just normal Invisibility will be gone after you perform for example spellcasting or attack. Same for Improved, you are actually visible after that to enemies, but you can't be targeted by spells. Except, with SCS, only spell removal spell can be cast on you (as spells have flag "Can target Invisible"). By spell removals, I mean, for example, Secret
  3. It is not a coincidence that low-level insults come from guest, as person most probably do not have courage and arguments to stand behind its own identity. Do not worry about me, I easily deal with way more worse kind of persons. Let losers stay in that state, if they can't get better, and move on. I on other hand is having great time with gaming and scripting, and really enjoying it
  4. Of course. Mods affecting SPPR616.SPL: 00000: /* created or unbiffed */ ~STRATAGEMS/SETUP-STRATAGEMS.TP2~ 0 1510 // Include divine spells from Icewind Dale: Enhanced Editionv33.2 00001: ~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ 0 2010 // Separate Resist Fire/Cold Icon into Separate Icons (Angel)v9 00002: ~STRATAGEMS/SETUP-STRATAGEMS.TP2~ 0 5900 // Initialise AI components (required for all tactical and AI components)v33.2 00003: ~STRATAGEMS/SETUP-STRATAGEMS.TP2~ 0 5000 // Ease-of-use party AIv33.2 But it is not even needed. Fault is my, sorry. Now I inspected
  5. Hello Guest. You, or anybody else can adress me only by NiziNizi as my username here. If you want more choices than that, you can also adress me as Ammanda, which is my username at BEW forum, or Ajla which is my real name which I do not hide. I belive that is more than enough choices. If you miss Roxanne so much, you know where you can contact her. I understand that confusion about my identity may arise after some of moderators at BeamDog forum placed my name as "accused to be alt account". That is severe abuse of position by some of corrupted moderators who used opportunity to
  6. Report on few details : - I reported before that Flame Strike still work on Entropy Shield, for V33 it is stated as corrected, but it is not. However this is minor thing and easy to correct. - I also reported before problem with Impervious Sanctity of Mind and its addition of Spell Shield, as removing it's SH in game, do not remove SpellState SPELL_SHIELD, which can lead to confused AI regarding that. V33 state it as corrected, but still it is not. I did check on few different installs including V33.2 and V33.3. For what I can see, casting of Impervious Sanctity of Mind use Cast
  7. After 32.6 version, SCS introduced some changed to some spells. So, Impervious Sanctity of Mind, now also grants Spell Shield. Thats ok, but caster will stay in Spell_Shield spell state indifinitely (or until 2880 timer expired, I'm not sure). Taking down Spell Shield will not remove Spell_Shield spell state, not even Breaching/Dispelling of Impervious Sanctity of Mind along with Spell Shield which comes with it. That need to be corrected. Maybe this have nothing with it, but I will report for any case. Also, when I look at DW#ISSS.SPL, it have Spell Ability for minimum lev
  8. @DavidW - Tnx for info. @czacki - Just as you say, level 15 Aura of Despair work on HD8, level 20 on HD18. I lasts 60 seconds Offer no Save. Not bypass magic resistance. Level 2 spell. For Absorb Health, it bypass magic resistance.
  9. So far, I did not found in SCS scripts creature which will somehow target ground, not creature directly. But I may be 100% wrong because I work only limited number of creatures. This can best be answered by SCS authors, of course. I found, and use personaly, some lines which instruct creature to target clumped enemies with AOE spells. It also can be set for creature to not do so, if ally creature is in range of AOE spell, to avoid friendly fire. For Cloak of mirroring, so far I can see, enemies are forbidden to target creature with that cloak. For Dorn I did take a look now, and
  10. To not to forget to ask, this is for DavidW, or anyone else who is familiar with this? SpellState ITEM_MM. It corresponding to exactly what? Does it mean Magic Missile?
  11. When I make EET install for myself, I always select everything to be hardest. And always play on Insane with double damage. Because of that I'm not aware how SCS do at lower difficulty. Honestly, even on Insane, I do not find it hard, except here and there some unique enimies which come as very badass (have hard time with them even with XP cap 100% removed, and many many items provided from various other mods inside EET install), but they are not in big number. I'm not against enemies having HLA. Of course, not in moment when you can't reach proper level for yourself. Now, to
  12. Yes, SoD have massive number of enemies at some places. There is many undead in caves (forget name) where you fight some dwarf lich in the end. Also when you enter their castle from caves beneath and start fight with Hephernaan inside (if you kill all of them, and keep killing all ones which spawn, they stop spawning in some time). Bridgefort battle is big one. I think Flaming Fists come to aid when you kill their commander at camp, or if you discuss that with Fists before to attack together. I prefered to solo that and kill all camp alone. If I recall right, you can kill some mage at cam
  13. Discovered one more thing. 5 level Cleric spell, Wrath Of The Faithful. For different alignment, spell set properly ALLIED_RIGHTEOUS_WRATH_OF_THE_FAITHFUL spell state. But for same alignment, it should set ALLIED_AND_SAME_ALIGNMENT_RIGHTEOUS_WRATH_OF_THE_FAITHFUL spell state, but there is no line in spell for that, so it never raise that spell state when spell is used. And one more thing I noticed in 32.7. In Nalmissra (last seal guardians), which is Gorwom01.cre, which use NALMISS.BCS, blocks for Charm spells (she use Succubus charm Male and charm Female spells) have !CheckSpel
  14. Looks like Entropy Shield does not protect against Spell Thrust. For example, turn on Minor spell deflection, and Entropy Shield, Spell Thrust will burn Minor spell deflection just fine just if there is no Entropy Shield at all, and strings say "spell protection dispelled" and "spell protections removed". Another interesting things, don't know is this intended, but anyway I will state it. If you have Protection from Magic, and Spell Shield, casting Spell Thrust, Secret Word, Breach, Ruby Ray, etc., on protected creature will take down Spell Shield. Maybe that is intended. But strange
  15. I can see that 32.7 brings some good changes. I compare to 32.4. What I did was quick test and check with NI. Now I'm doing new install, including of course SCS with IWD spells so I will test everything in next days, and report what I find. About Entropy Shield.. it took big change. I did test Breach on it, and just as description say, it render creature immune so it does nothing. It can be dispeled by Secret Word and Ruby Ray (I tested only these two spells so far). Also in 32.4 there was ENTROPY_SHIELD in splstate.ids, but spell did not have "set spell state" line. Good thing it is
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