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  1. I'm all for a centralized list. What @subtledoctor said about @AL|EN metadata is a great idea, imo.

    And I'll be glad to contribute and help maintain it.

    Maybe this could be of some help, in addition of @Cahir's list : https://github.com/Jazira33/CCTradFR / https://www.baldursgateworld.fr/lacouronne/la-chambre-des-scribes/32456-etat-de-traduction-des-mods-mis-jour.html

    The purpose of this is mainly to track French translations, it's not 100% done (and I'm affraid it never will...) but the data is here. Not as helpfull as Cahir list, but it can fill some blank spot.

  2. On 9/20/2021 at 6:23 PM, DavidW said:

    Out of interest, how did the vanilla and EE versions come to have different translations?

    Long story short Beamdog and Mogi Group.

    Beamdog hired a company, Mogi Group, to translate the new content of the EE. This company thought it was a good idea to modify nearly every sentence of the vanilla texts. This company thought it was a good idea to change nearly every character's affinity toward Charname (tutoiement/vouvoiement), some proper nouns, etc.

    edit : Because Beamdog didn't have the legal copyrights to use the French vanilla translation at the first place. So Mogi Group copy/pasted the vanilla translation, and they putted arbitrary changes in it to call it their own.

    But in a way, it's for the better, I suppose, it forced us to react, we already fixed tens of thousands things on both vanilla & EE translation fusion in our unofficial community driven project. None of those translations were perfect anyway.

    edit : I made a mistake, I was talking about BG2/EE and not IWD/EE.

  3. 11 minutes ago, DavidW said:

    Put the EE string in as @223, the vanilla string as @224, and (when you have it) the new string in as @225.

    At the moment, the @224 and @225 will be ignored, but I'll change the code to check them too.

    Thanks for this.


    @223 = ~Cette capacité remplace le Chant du Barde actuel.~ // must exactly match string from description of EE spcl920.spl
    @224 = ~Cette faculté remplace la chanson du barde.~ // must exactly match string from description of vanilla spcl920.spl
    @225 = ~Cette capacité remplace le Chant du barde.~ // must exactly match string from description of correcfrbg2ee spcl920.spl

    Maybe you will need this :


    To anyone else, please do not try to install it, it's not ready yet.


  4. On 9/20/2021 at 2:47 PM, DavidW said:

    Just a note on translating v34: there is now translation content in stratagems/iwdspells/lang as well as in stratagems/lang. Most of the strings are from the old dw_iwdspells_arcane.tra and dw_iwdspells_divine.tra, and I've moved those strings over where people haven't noticed. But there are a handful of new ones.

    Question about @223 = ~~ // must exactly match string from description of spcl920.spl

    We actually have 2 different translations for the "same" game (vanilla & EE 2.6), soon to be 3 (unofficial community driven project to replace the 2.6 one).

    One is "Cette faculté remplace la chanson du barde.", and the other one is "Cette capacité remplace le Chant du Barde actuel.".

    What should I do about it ?

    edit : I made a mistake

  5. 6 minutes ago, jastey said:

    That's bad. If it is any consolation, I'd prefer your translation any time.

    I don't know, imagine having done 10-20 runs of the same game, with the same mods over and over. And suddenly one of your favorite mod got completely changed because one guy, with the intent of just fixing typos at the start, changes everything you like about your favorite mods, for the sake of fidelity of the intended content.

    It's like playing a class you like on a MMO/MOBA or whatever, and the next patch rework every capacity...

    I kind of understand him, in a way.

  6. Yeah, my example is intended to be really borderline. But I've made enough proofreads to know that's a thing, unfortunately.

    Ironically, I once received a PM of someone complaining that the translation of a mod I've proofread have heavily changed, especially the tone. It was translated 15 years ago... and it contained a lot of that kind of arbitrary changes. So I've been trash talked for fixing someone else mistake. :(

    16 minutes ago, jastey said:

    Translators have some freedom to express the meaning of the original in a suitable way, if the "correct" translation wouldn't be something that is usually used in the context but something else - as long as the meaning stays the same.


    16 minutes ago, jastey said:

    It's simply lacking respect to the mod author, and it also betrays players from the original mod experience as it is intended by the author.

    And this.

    Anyway, the "tutoiements" and "vouvoiements" of the French language is a plague for us, poor translators.

  7. You also have 2 others workarounds :

    - Make an extension mod for Gavin BG2 (like Garrick: Tales of a Troubadour http://mirandir.baldursgateworld.fr/garrick-tt/ for example, it's an extension based on the content of BG1 NPC)

    - I don't really recommend it but, technically it's doable, use the same .D structure but with *slightly* different .TRA content, for example :

    //Original text

    1@ = ~I'm hungry...~ //NPC1

    2@ = ~I could eat a whole horse.~ //NPC1

    3@ = ~With salad, tomatoes and onions?~ //NPC2

    //Edited text

    1@ = ~I'm so hungry, I could eat a beef. Let's get by the next tavern, I heard colonel Sanders one is great, but they only serve chicken...~ //NPC1

    1@ = ~And I hate chicken!~ //NPC1

    3@ = ~Meat, meat, meat... can't we just eat some vegetable, for once?!~ //NPC2

    Although this is ethically questionable. This will not be a translation anymore, but more kind of an adaptation/rework if too much have been changed (especially the meaning of the sentence). Every translator have already done it at least once, sometime it's needed for the sake of the quality/understandability, but most of the time it is not. And I know, it doesn't really help you for your affinity idea...

    Your idea of affinity based texts is great ! Not new, but great. Unfortunately, it will only be official on your own mod. You can't ask maintainers to heavily edit content they don't own, even if Berelinde told you to do "whatever you want". This mod is now "community property", in this case G3. And they have a policy of keeping creators contents and ideas untouched. With a few exceptions of corrections by common sens and for the better. 

  8. 29 minutes ago, DavidW said:

    Thanks! - but as Roberciiik pointed out above, I forgot to traify dw#carsa.d and carsa_add.d. I'll do so in 34.1 (probably released later today); I assume it makes sense to wait till you've had a chance to do those lines too before including the updated translation?

    Sorry, haven't read the whole thread.

    Sure, as soon as you upload the .TRA, I'll update the PR.

    edit: Or you could merge the active PR and I make a second one, it will be the same at the end. As you wish. ;)

  9. On 9/16/2021 at 8:55 PM, DavidW said:

    There are about 15 new lines in tactical_bg1.tra for the new Carsa/Kahrk component, plus the component name itself in setup.tra. I *think* that's it.

    ... oh, wait: there's also a new tra file in iwdspells/lang, though most of the lines are from the old iwdspells tra files in the main lang directory.

    French translation is updated, I've launched a PR on github. Thanks for your time. ;)

  10. There is also "She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named" version and Selphira French fork of BWS to fulfill your needs.

    1 hour ago, UMNiK said:

    it was a long time before EEs could be considered superior to modding the originals

    The EE are already far more superior, technically speaking. This is the new content that is not.

    1 hour ago, UMNiK said:

     Last time I looked, there was a single program (BWS) that included preset automatic options for both versions (originals and EEs), including modding platforms (BGT and nascent EET), and a plethora of mods organised by salient categories.

    I suppose this is what made the maintainers to go burn out : the amount of daily work chores, especially since the EE came out.

    There is a French saying that come into my mind : On est jamais mieux servi que par soi-même.

    That mean You will never be served better than by yourself. Or something like that.

  11. 7 hours ago, DavidW said:

    If you open the jar, I think you get what you deserve.

    10-year-old myself : Click on tombstone.

    Angry powerful mage appear to warn and threaten me.

    10-year-old myself - ~3 wisdom : Click on EVERY tombstone several times.

    10-year-old myself : Trauma.

  12. 38 minutes ago, argent77 said:

    Btw, I don't see EE patch 2.7 coming in the foreseeable future.

    Agreed, patch 2.6 "just" came out. I do not expect a 2.7 patch before yearS.

    I'll personally choose 2.6 over sticking on 2.5. Maybe wait a few months, most of the mods will be updated for 2.6.

  13. 18 minutes ago, Machiavélique said:

    Gavin mod BG2 don't have multi-languages intallations.

    Then, maybe the HANDLE_CHARSET function might not be there.

    So you can try using UTF-8 for testing purpose, but at the end you will have to use ANSI anyway. Since this mod is designed both for vanilla & EE version.

    notepad++ > Encodage > Convertir en ANSI/UTF-8/etc.

  14. 12 hours ago, CamDawg said:

    This is the name of one of the horses added to the NORH (the other is Angel) and I really have no idea how you would translate it. As it's not critical, feel free to substitute an appropriate horse name.

    Thanks a lot !

    Last thing : about lines @500000 to @507007 (end of file) from setup.tra, ex-SCS components, thoses lines are duplicated (exept @507008 for some reason). Do you want me to delete them or they are usefull ? I also made a quick proofreading for english files (with mostly whitespaces, tho). 

  15. Anyway this is just a detail. I doubt this is a real matter, and there is no clear answer to "Did Balthazar knew ?".

    I thank you for the time you spent for me and this translation. :)

    You have enlightened me for nearly all my questioning regarding Ascension, and that wasn't a small task.

  16. 39 minutes ago, K4thos said:

    Thanks! I'm almost ready with new release but will wait for your translation update before posting it.

    That is very kind of you. I'll tell you as soon as I can if it's worth for you to wait our translation (waiting for proofreader answer).

    I don't want to hold hostage the whole community just for the French one.

    Or maybe I should PR you the translation as is, and PR later the proofreaded one ?

    I'll keep you up.

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