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  1. The baldur.lua is in the Documents\Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition folder, where your save files are. It's not in the installation folder where you install mods to.
  2. He doesn't play anything, he just asks about mods as a pretext to clutter every bg forum.
  3. Lay on Hands weeps. My gut response to that laundry list of abilities is it's too damn long. I count 11 activateable abilities plus the toggleable presence and rune. Your psi warrior has 5, and your battle master 3. I would pare it down a bit, to what you think the kit needs to fulfill its concept. Maybe make some into HLAs.
  4. http://downloads.chosenofmystra.net/bg2/ The website is down but downloads can be still be accessed.
  5. I think this is a bit of a stretch, honestly. By this point the player has already paid what is supposed to be a large sum of gold and eliminated the rival guild. The trip to spellhold has been earned. The needed gold to pay Gaelan/Bodhi and buy whatever other items the player wants is already sufficient reason to adventure in chapter 2. I like better the idea someone (maybe you) had about making the IWD sections part of the rhynn lanthorn hunt. I think post-spellhold athkatla benefits from having some things to do that werent available before.
  6. Well done Austin. Having the Water Gardens on the map is a significant quality of life improvement. Thanks once again for continuing to work on this.
  7. Install order is very important. As a good guideline I would recommend looking at subtledoctors general load order (scroll down to the Compatibility section). SCS is recommended to be installed after all of those mods you mentioned, and in general should be installed fairly late to ensure its components are able to detect and make changes to stuff added/changed by other mods. In the case of IWDification, that is actually recommended to be used with (and installed before) SCS at the moment because IWDification has more up to date versions of the IWD arcane and divine spells, and at present the IWDification versions should be used instead of the SCS versions.
  8. Fiddled a bit in BG2 EE with Might & Guile and Scales and found a few more things, weidu attached. Shadowdancer and Stalker are limited to two points in backstabbing, limiting them to a 3x backstab multiplier instead of the 4x they could reach unmodded. Improved Stalker cannot put points into Set Snare, and does not have the Set Traps thief skill. All rangers have 'According to geography' as their only racial enemy option with regional rangers installed, not just the regional kits. With regional rangers installed, the trueclass ranger can still be taken by choosing the ranger class and not clicking on any of the kits. One of the kits will be highlighted, but will not be taken unless the player actually clicks on one. I am assuming this is due to the game defaulting to the trueclass even if the trueclass has been removed as selectable from the UI. Archer kits and the Marksman kit cannot place more than 4 points in 'Ranged Accuracy'. The + button is clickable with 4 points in Ranged Accuracy, but clicking it will not assign further points. Marksman thief is able to place up to 4 points in Backstab and in Slings, seemingly in contradiction of the kit description which states they have a reduced backstab multiplier and can only reach higher mastery in bows/xbows. Weapon Master can assign up to 4 points in any weapon with their usual proficiency points. Weapon of Focus adds one proficiency to a weapon not already at 4 points. Kit description seems to suggest they would be limited to two or three points normally in any weapon, and Weapon of Focus would bump the chosen weapon to 4 points. WeiDU.log
  9. Been trying out the new Scales of Balance and Might & Guile, encountered a few issues that persist with just the two of them installed. Weidu log attached. 3 points in Attack Speed gives 1.5 attacks per round instead of 1 attack per round the 4th point in Attack Speed seems to do nothing, the character has the same attacks and to hit penalty as they do from three points. Use Magical Device, the Magical Abilities option, seems to do nothing. A thief with it cannot use wands or scrolls. Thieves can wear any type of armor, such as plate mail. they are not being restricted to light armor. Trueclass druids can place points in Two Handed Weapon style, but none of the druid kits can. Rangers cannot select non-good alignments with 'Improved Rangers' from M&G the M&G component 'Revised Ranger Spell Table' is not noted in the readme. Is this the improved casting progression from IWD? WeiDU.log
  10. For the Dragoon, you've already hit it with some very significant weapon restrictions. Weapon restrictions are the only penalty berserkers have. Your battle master has the same restrictions but slightly looser, also being able to use 2handed swords, and does not have any further disadvantages. I think the dragoon as-is would be fine with just the weapon restrictions, unless you are designing your kits around mods that are so generous to polearms that being limited to them is much less of a drawback than in the unmodded game.
  11. For Minsc, I think losing stealth would be appropriate.
  12. Good job on splitting this from Skills and Abilities, makes installing it much more convenient. First impressions: Psi Warrior: I like it. A mix of abilities giving bigger numbers and some hard to quantify utility. I would want to actually use it before recommending any changes, but my first impression is that Telekinetic Movement and Telekinetic Master, the unique things the kit can do, the player won't get to use very often. Eldritch Scion: I like it too. Strong advantages and strong drawbacks. An elegant implementation of a fighter/sorcerer multi. Rashemaar Berserker: A trueclass ranger that trades access to heavy armor for berserker rage. Functional, but I must object for one very petty reason: "full plate and packing steel" is one of Minsc's lines. Him being unable to wear full plate bothers me. In the case of Minsc specifically, I don't think it would break the balance of bg2 to just replace his innate rage with berserker rage. Korgan would still have some considerable advantages over him. Champion of the Wild: I am not a fan. It's a ranger pretending to be a paladin, with lots of free damage in a game where damage is already high enough that people can solo Legacy of Bhaal with warriors. Melee damage from dex is just rewarding the player further for having high stats they want to have high anyway, very different from the Psi Warrior's Psionic Striker which runs off a stat players otherwise wouldnt care about getting over 16, and needs to be used every round so it is much harder to stack with HLAs. Plenty strong, but in my eyes equally unnecessary. Battle Master: Despite its name, it looks much more inspired by the Champion (or Brute) than the Battle Master. The 5e Battle Master had a pool of abilities that offered control, utility, and damage. This Battle Master can cast improved haste on himself in exchange for being limited to 2handers. It's a very strong ability, especially for how early you get it and how often it can be used, but I don't think your kit lives up to its namesake. Granted, implementing into bg2 something closer in ability to the battle master would take a fair amount of work, but I honestly think your Psi Warrior kit is closer to it than your Battle Master. Shield Breaker: I'm not sure I'd ever play with it, but it works. The name and description makes me think of the historical Forlorn Hope, who tended to carry large two-handed weapons to break shield walls and other formations. A pity you've already exhausted your budget for 2hander-focused kits. The passive ability of course favors more attacks, which favors dual wielding (like everything else does). Sunder is very strong, though I think it could stand to have its damage scale a bit. I also think it would be fine for this kit to have access to shields. Sunder is also the kind of ability I would want the Battle Master to have in its toolbox, though as-is Sunder is probably too strong for how often it can be used. Stormlord: Enough free damage makes up for any weapon restrictions, and the Stormlord gets more than enough to manage until the elemental transformation HLAs. I'd actually consider going with darts, which getting 4-12 extra damage from the kit complements their very high base APR. The electrical resistance is nice to have, probably an upgrade from the regular druid resists on a multi which would take a very long time to get them. Jaheira might be the one exception since she gets electric immunity from her harper pin. This is strong, but I'm not sure why it exists as all. Talos is as far from balance and harmony as possible, and we already have a cleric kit for priests of talos. I think this would make much more sense as a fighter/cleric kit with access to a few thematic spells that clerics don't normally have, like call lightning.
  13. Interesting mod. Not sure if its good, or fun to play with, but it is for sure interesting. I anticipate much fun casting enchant weapon over and over and over and over and over. Are scrolls included in the culling?
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