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  1. I would like to say that BG3.Wiki is my current favourite site and I'm incredibly grateful to all the contributors.


    I play for the story , so the metamanagement (how to complete this puzzle, how to get to this quest, how to find this NPC) is the difficult part. BG3 wiki was just what I needed.

    As for the game, I barely got to act 3 when I realized my 16gb memory and my gtx 1660 card/core3 processor weren't good enough. So I spent all my money on a new computer, and I strongly suspect it was because of the game alone) I'm awed, I'm loving this, and they have Naaber! And a Xan porn book! And lots and lots of fantastic choices and party members to boot. Although it seems to me the ending where the player is alone and evil looks less depressing than the happiest of endings with full party and a romance interest. They really could race ME3-before-Citadel when it comes to unsatisfying closure.

    Again, great wiki, great game.

  2. Anyone still cares about this one? Oh, never mind.

    ~Me? I'm serious as a privy on a sunny morning.~ means exactly that. Some people wouldn't smile at this joke, some would (I would). It's not someone's joke or folklore, it's a joke I myself made up. In English. I like it in Russian, too "да я серьёзен, как унитаз на рассвете!" I'm absolutely okay if people don't get my jokes, btw. People are different, different strokes for different folks; not my business.

    Anyway! " I'll take you up on this swing" means, erm, swing. (качели). Children use what? Swings. They swing in the garden.


    How do you like to go up in a swing,
       Up in the air so blue?
    Oh, I do think it the pleasantest thing
       Ever a child can do!
    Up in the air and over the wall,
       Till I can see so wide,
    Rivers and trees and cattle and all
       Over the countryside—
    Till I look down on the garden green,
       Down on the roof so brown—
    Up in the air I go flying again,
       Up in the air and down!

    Aaanyway, literal is good. Literal is fine. Literal is when people understand you.

    Best of luck, everyone.

  3. Hi, folks!

    I'm very happy people are playing BG2 still and enjoying our mods! Thank you all for supporting this community!

    I am currently allowing CamDawg and jastey to make updates to all my G3 mods and I'm very thankful to tham for that. 

    However, I'd like to clarify very clearly, however, that I do not allow any unauthorized mirrors: all my mods should remain on G3 and PPG.

    If any person, be they Roxanne or anyone else, tries to mirror my mods - I'm against it. I do not allow it. I do not want any conlict with anyone (I'd like just to continue writing my books), but please, if you're doing it, stop it now. 

    To all our players and all my colleagues, thank you.

  4. Hi! Reposting my PM here, sorry to cut in:



    Okay, about NPC mods. We may or may not have different positions here, but here's what I see: the number of NPC modders is waning more than a little, and unfortunately, it's no longer possible to gather a big team like the one on BG1 NPC project or maybe even Romantic Encounters.

    So I would suggest to welcome any and all writers, point them to the tutorials and encourage them to write standalone small mods. Maybe just a few NPCs at a time. Eventually those little bits and pieces will be incorporated in a larger mod, and it will be great. But for the time being, "gather here and start writing!" may actually *prevent* people from participating, because let's face it, creative guidance doesn't sound so great when creative freedom is the only thing you have when you write mods. You don't have a big audience, you don't get money, but you can write whatever you want for your favorite Jan or Minsc, right? So I wouldn't take it away from any writer, being very fond of my own freedom. I don't want anyone to sacrifice.

    (then again, the lead writer probably has to help a lot with coding, which is why I would say - people, please, look the tutorials and Branwen NPC first, and at least write in .d format - add the scripting later)

    One more thing before I forget - fuzzy, sleepy, sorry. In BG2, we know what to write - Imoen kidnapped, Jaheira lost Khalid, Minsc is an old companion. Nalia is a new companion. In BG1, Gorion's dead, Imoen is your best friend, Xan is a lamenting guy from the mines, and so on. But it's practically impossible to write for all cases: "go to IWD from BG1, go to IWD from BG2 (which chapter?) or from ToB". That's why it might be good to set boundaries. I mean, when I was writing Heart of Winter's material for my IWD NPC , I was totally lost, because I had to write generic plot-related dialogue, and I couldn't touch the character's arcs at all, because I didn't know where they were - before the Severed Hand? After it? Were romances progressing? So, yeah, that's a problem.

  5. I love David Gaider's writing both in Bioware games and his novel, the Stolen Throne. Dorian, Cassandra, Morrigan, Shale - all those Dragon Age characters and intrigues were great, wonderful, amazing.


    And then I found out he left Bioware - and a bit later I found out that he is in Beamdog now. That's, well, quite a shock.


    I feel sad. And more than a little afraid, somehow - I love Bioware titles, and it seems like it won't be the same at Bioware without him, creatively; I mean, I'm scared that games will become worse and so on. On the other hand, Beamdog's new content in BG2EE wasn't exactly up to par with Irenicus, Viconia Romance and Chapter 5 adventures in the Underdark. And Beamdog doesn't have the resources! I mean, can we expect anything absolutely amazing from them, something lke Trespasser? (Personally, I want games like Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age saga and great and interactive stories - and that's Bioware).


    Anyway, yeah. That happened.

  6. 2) You can rest easy - EE companions will not react, their romances will stay unchanged.


    1) Currently not, no reactions, but I do not mind including those reactions - I would've written them myself, but alas, I haven't played with the companions. But we'd be happy to include more of the good stuff, certainly.

    (However, we have a problem with G3 hosting currently, so I can't update RE or any other G3 mods for the time being, alas; that's an issue that makes me less eager to, say, go and play EE and add those reactions).

  7. Thanks to our multiple authors who made this possible! :) (The new component, Date Night, has a pretty sweet encounter with Anomen, by the way, courtesy of SisterVigilante). Glad the mod installs for you now!

  8. From the point of a powergamer, you can make him ten times as useful with fewer stat count. Take your average cookie-cutter build with good CON, nice DEX and WIS 18 for Wish spell:

    STR 8 DEX 17 CON 16 INT 15 WIS 18 CHA 10 TOTAL = 84


    I don't mind 90 stat sum, I just think he'd be pretty squishy - maybe too squishy for the party of Sarevok, Anomen and other juggernauts. As it is, CON 14 is equal to CON 7 in terms of hit points, INT 18 just gives ~15 lore, WIS 20 - a bit more lore, and that's all, CHA 15 gives nothing, DEX 13 gives nothing more than DEX 10.

  9. It's a ten-year anniversary, so I'm thinking it's time for champaigne at the very least.

    I think we'll see Aklon, absolutely - maybe somewhere around 2060. (dreamily) We'll be showing him to our grandchildren and playing him on the museum computer. May lead to another Baldur's Gate renaissance, actually.

  10. Hello, welcome to G3!


    I think that Nord and his female orcish companion, Hildury, are rather nice - and they have their own banters(a lot of them!), story and they're both tanks. And, yes, you need Diriel for them.

  11. // Branwen, no custom items




    REQUIRE_COMPONENT ~level1npcs.tp2~ "0" @110600

    REQUIRE_COMPONENT ~Setup-Branwen.tp2~ "0" ~~ // Note: .tp2 is inside the mod's folder


    LAUNCH_ACTION_MACRO ~fj_install_component~

    COPY_EXISTING ~o#bran.cre~ ~override~


    LAUNCH_PATCH_MACRO ~fj_modify_cre~




    COPY_EXISTING ~o#bran25.cre~ ~override~


    LAUNCH_PATCH_MACRO ~fj_modify_cre~




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