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  1. Do you mean the one with ? SoD ending spoilers:
  2. 1. You mean after starting new BG1 game (default campaign after installing EET)? 2. From what I see you didn't even install BP-BGT Worldmap, so it crashes on EET Worldmap. Is that correct? 3. Please post your "WeiDU-BGEE.log" - if it's empy than it would mean that it crashes on complelty clean installation which would be even more bizzare. Can't reproduce it guys Also weigo, please upload your worldmap.wmp file. It's located in override folder. ------- Just to be sure: we are talking about BG:EE and BG2:EE with latest patch v2.3.67.3, right? I don't have access to earlier version to see if it works with them.
  3. tested the same thing. Finished importing BG:EE content to EET. Than installed worldmap on that BG:EE with these mods: And both large and huge worldmap works fine. Again tried installing BP-BGT Worldmap on that EET installation with above mentioned mods - once again no crashes. Sorry can't reproduce it. ----------- Send me only the WORLDMAP.WMP that crashes in your game (so after installing BP-BGT Worldmap). If it won't crash in my game than it looks like for some reason your computer can't handle Large worldmap.
  4. I will find the solution when I finish my work for today (I really shouldn't be here right now ). This is enough information to see what's up, so please wait a few hours.
  5. thanks for tests, Roxanne. I will check it myself since I already have an installation with all mods from BG:EE compatibility list installed, so I should be able to find out what's up if the origins of the problem is in BG1.
  6. that doesn't make sense considering I don't have CTD on clean EET + BG-BP worldmap. Since you are using clean WMP from BG2:EE that I sent you before there is nothing there that could corrupt the file. I will look into it when I find some time.
  7. doesn't matter. Just install it before setup-EET_end
  8. Yes. We won't prepare 2 codebases for those without official expansion, sorry. Here is a topic regarding SoD inclusion. Feel free to bump it if you want to discuss this stuff.
  9. Argent77 to the rescue (again!). Thank you very much for this contribution.
  10. thanks please also post your NTotSC tp2 file, so I can check how the worldmap is patched by it before I start checking those other mods (which will be very time consuming if the game doesn't crash on EET worldmap ). And just to be sure - Sandrah mod doesn't touch WMP at all, right?
  11. thanks. From what I remember in older patch the same problem was true for vanilla BG:EE (since patch 2.x both BG:EE and BG2:EE uses BG2 style stencil water which caused some issues) but I've just checked it again and it's no longer the case in BG:EE. Looks like in order to fix it "engine_mode" in "engine.lua" file has to be set to 0 (BG:EE) instead of 1 (BG2:EE). Unfortunately I don't think this is a good idea for EET considering this feature probably also modifies hardcoded string references and maybe some other stuff (btw. I've checked if the SoD fog problem would be fixed by this and no, it doesn't). tis2bg2 tool is no longer an option considering whole game already uses stencil water and many fountains shows up correctly (for example in Candlekeep), so it would probably do more harm than good. No idea how to fix it other than including corrected TIS files in the package. And I can't do even this since I know next to nothing regarding TIS files. Maybe when White Agnus shows up he will be able to handle this. If anyone is able to help with this matter please do so. For now let's find out all problematic areas with messed out water overlays. A request to those already playing - please report your findings here (ctrl+x will show the current area name and coordinates). EET RC2 and RC3 (update if you have RC1) checks for "movies/sodcin05.wbm" within BG:EE directory in order to confirm that the game has SoD installed. If you don't have such file there than maybe you forgot to use modmerge first? (only needed for SoD bought on Steam and GoG, no problems with Beamdog store version). More information in the readme.
  12. post your weidu.log please. Also please check out if the game crashes with that old WMP file without BP-BGT Worldmap installed.
  13. If you tested it by starting new game than it sounds like one of the mods in your install order broke the worldmap. I've just tested it on clean EET installation with both BG2:EE and SoD GUI - started new game and went from Candlekeep to Beregost without issues. btw. these messages during bp-bgt_worldmap installation: are harmless. As mentioned in this post EET still hasn't implemented going back to SoD areas (vanilla SoD cuts out access to them going from chapter to chapter which won't be the case in EET). So in order to disable those new links for now I've commented them out via "//". This feature is planned for the next RC. I'm planning to also prepare a patch for those who already installed the game, so no need to wait for it. --------- Anyway Roxanne, check out TBL files located in Worldmap directory, maybe you will see something odd in them added by one of mods. Also you may try to uninstall BP-BGT Worldmap and than place clean WMP file (make a backup of the old one first) to override and install worldmap again. If the game won't crash after doing so than you are good to go, but it also means that one of the mod corrupted the file, which is worth investigating further. Also please check out if the game crashes without BP-BGT Worldmap installed.
  14. why are you trying to hide your installation? Good to hear that you figured it out. I will add this information to readme file, thanks.
  15. Roxanne, you don't have updated bp-bgt_worldmap BAM file with icons, right? https://github.com/K4thos/EET-patches-for-BG2EE-mods Place it in correct folder and reinstall setup-bp-bgt-worldmap.exe The mod is supported
  16. ALIEN, I don't have any of these problems. Make sure that: - both games are patched to v2.3.67.3 - EET always requires latest patch. If you don't have it it may not install correctly - installation has been tested with latest weidu beta that is included with mod (so it's not recommended for BWS to swap it with older version) - if you use GOG or Steam SoD than modmerge should be used on clean game (nothing in override) from readme file:
  17. is this the only problematic thing during installation? If yes than maybe this wouln't cause issues in BWS?: <<<<<<<< .../engine.lua engine_name = "Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition Trilogy" engine_mode = 1 -- 0 = BGEE, 1 = BG2EE, 2 = IWDEE >>>>>>>> COPY ~.../engine.lua~ ~engine.lua~ let me know. I will change it for next release if this helps.
  18. Here's the code used: COPY ~engine.lua~ ~engine.lua~ REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~engine_name[ %TAB%]*=[ %TAB%]*".*"~ ~engine_name = "Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition Trilogy"~ no problem in my game (although I've moved back to Windows 7 due to problems with my eGPU setup on 10) and no one reported it yet. Please try to paste it into new tp2 file and see if you will receive error. If yes than try to change it to: COPY ~engine.lua~ ~.~ REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~engine_name[ %TAB%]*=[ %TAB%]*".*"~ ~engine_name = "Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition Trilogy"~
  19. indeed that last END was removed by mistake is yeasterday commit. Fixed version of The Grey Clan mod is up on GitHub.
  20. fixed version (RC3.1) has been just uploaded. Forgot to save one of files before sending to GitHub...
  21. Version 1.0 Release Candidate 3 - fixed Imoen DV references in Irenicus Dungeon dialogue files - fixed Dialogue boarder window texture in BG2:EE GUI - more comprehensive 2da expanding via 'Finalize EET' component - installer no longer sets English language in game when mod is installed with different language - added missing BG:EE CHR files (lvl 1 Abdel etc.) - new method used for item importation between SoD and Irenicus Dungeon (will be expended via EET_Tweaks) - fixed problem with main component re-installation - new reference table added to docs folder - updated Polish translation
  22. Thanks, Argent. I've just fixed it. There was some leftover code from older versions that was still presnt even though it didn't have any effect other than breaking the sync. Fixed version will be included in RC3. Also found what is causing the dialogue box GUI problem - BOX7.PVRZ
  23. thanks! List updated, Improved Archer Kit patch removed.
  24. thanks, argent! I've finished testing installation with all mods from BG:EE compatibility list - no problems (compatibility code for Dynaheir romance from BG1 NPC Project is in RC2 release). Following changes have been made for mods that required patches: updated patches (hopefully Kulyok will add native support for these mods soon): - Back to Brynnlaw v4 -> v5 - de'Arnise Romance v4 -> v5 - Romantic Encounters v9 -> v11 removed patches due to newer versions with native support for EET: - Wheels of Prophecy (left just a little fix for version already compatible with EET) - Lighting Pack - Recolored toolbar - www.urstuff2athkatla.com The list in first post is now up to date.
  25. How is EET available in Polish? Siege of Dragonspear does not have a polish translation. Translating mod is not the same thing as translating game
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