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  1. 1. It's not consistent. Using exmples from previous post: QUAYLE => BGQUAYLE - this one is fine IMOEN6 => IMOEN61 - this is odd one 2. Due to 2 characters prefix there are instances where 7 character filenames had to be changed to fit in 8 characters limit (no common convention, dropping 1 or 2 letters, usually at the end but not always). 3. Area renaming have no bearing on the original BG1 area numbers. You are always forced to use external site for reference 4. It changes much more than it should (for example every single EXIT and DOOR name in area files) 5. BGT appends dialogues for continuous NPCs, so common convention with EET wouldn't be reliable either way And so forth. Ascension64 (author of BGT-weidu) actually agrees with the opinion that it's not a good convention. When modding EET you pretty much only need to know about 2 rules regarding BG1 resources: - area resources = changed prefix from AR to BG - other resources = "_" suffix at the end of few conflicting files Thanks. You may also consider using cross-platform coding implementation via community standard cpmvars btw. These files contains all vatiables that you will need in your mods to make it work with all platforms. ------------ Some bug reports: 1. npc_ee/npcs/coran/bard.tpa EXTEND_BOTTOM ~imoen.bcs~ ~npc_ee/npcs/coran/coran_bard.baf~ => EXTEND_BOTTOM ~coran.bcs~ ~npc_ee/npcs/coran/coran_bard.baf~ 2. Pretty much every EXTEND_TOP like the one above for BG2 NPCs is not compatible with a game started in ToB because you only modify non-ToB variants of Override scripts.
  2. always worth reading the readme file compatibility section that late install order suggestion refers mostly to these components (most of them work globally on files in game, including those from mods): - Adjust XP for Traps, Spells and Lockpicking - Adjust XP for killing creatures - Adjust XP for quests - Party XP for quests distributed individually - Adjust FPS and fix audio skipping in cutscenes - Protagonist can die - Disable hostile reaction after charm - Remove junk from global scripts (this one checks if the script block looks exactly the same as in vanilla - otherwise skips patching) Other doesn't matter. And of course it doesn't need to be the very LAST mod in install order. That part is just to let you easily uninstall if you change your mind during game. In other words install it like any other tweak mod - after mods that adds content. And becouse EET Tweaks can detect BG2 Tweaks changes it should be installed after it.
  3. Roxanne, could you please upload your BG:EE weidu.log? Also please check which weidu was used in BG:EE directory. White Agnus mentioned that he had some problems with installation receiving "Out of memory" message, so we need to find out if this is problem with the newest weidu beta or maybe EET installation can't handle conversion of so many files at once. edit: never mind, I see that you've posted the log in one of previous posts. And you had both BG1NPC and AJANTISBG1 which triggered the error for WN when installed together. Strange thing. I will try to run an installation with all mods from compatibility list at once and see if weidu will be able to handle it.
  4. I've been looking forward for this one. One of the best mods out there. Thank you very much for this effort. if this is the case than why not just use PVRZ instead of TBC? They have comparable sizes and PVRZ can be used in EE engine as it is, no unpacking involved. TIS can be compressed to PVRZ with tile2ee tool. Examples using AR1500 from BG:EE (BG1500 in EET): PVRZ - 6,08 MB PVRZ converted to TIS with tile2ee tool (format supported by BGT too btw.) - 33,6 MB above TIS compressed to TBC with tileconv.exe (file dragged and dropped into exe) - 7.94 MB So overall smaller file size and instant installation time? Sounds better to me. ----------- the mod is still installing to me but in biff folder I've noticed that there are not only N TIS files there but also regular ones. Is this normal? What exactly is changed in vanilla TIS files? ----------- btw. the archive doesn't have weidu included. you are aware that Near Infinity can now export TIS images to PNG with WED data loaded? This feature has been added few versions ago: http://i.imgur.com/2nsFrjY.png
  5. no idea, but we can change the code to accept both back and forward slash. Wasn't aware that weidu could print it differently. As for the previous post: It would be best to install both of them in the order suggested by BWP, but I doubt it will matter if you install those 2 after EET (so after most of those BG:EE mods) like you did the last time. They won't conflict with anything in BG2 (neither will those mods installed on BG:EE). The only thing that may cause a problem here would be a situation in which some other BG:EE mod have conflict with one of them when installed earlier. And since you didn't notice problems with DSotSC in your last play through with huge selection of BG1 mods installed before it, than the chance that such conflicts exist is small. Let's hope that in future more BG:EE mods will be updated to have native EET support, so they won't have to be installed on BG:EE (which slows down conversion significantly btw.). But of course always try to follow BWP suggestions regarding mods install order to minimize chance for conflicts. Also avoid installing components that conflicts with each other (BWS usually warns about them). Example from the first post:
  6. To not confuse people I will sort BG:EE mods in alphabetical order. Of course installation order does matter. It's even mentioned in the first post. I will check that Valerie mod, wait a sec.
  7. Like I've mentioned on SHS I'm working on updating NTotSC to work with both EET and BGT at the same time, so a version that hopefully will replace the one currently hosted on SHS. Native support, so installed after EET on BG2:EE or after BGT on BG2. Similar treatment as DSotSC, so modernized tp2 coding, EE engine related changes, cross-platform coding, internalization of all known bugfixes and major item and XP balancing overhaul. Although it's uncertain if this particular update will be even released because author of the original mod (Aurelinus) was not very happy with Sir Billy Bob's conversion to BGT (IIRC he once said that if he would get another chance at the time he would forbid the release of BGT version because it's not faithful enough to his work), so maybe he will be also against this one. I will try to contact him and check his stance. When it comes to DSotSC the problem didn't exist because I've received a blessing from the original author - CuChoinneach. unfortunately no. You can do some hacking to enable it but it will work correctly only on mods installed on BG:EE. BG2 ones needs to be installed manually for now. BWS would install incorrect versions (for example you had wrong version of Tower of Deception in your last weidu.log that you posted on SHS - the newest one is 4.0), and it can't implement patches mentioned in this topic for now. Before requesting help from BWS guys regarding patches implementation in similar fashion to Big World Fixpack let's find out if mod authors are actually interested in internalizing these patches themselves or if some of them are against EET support altogether. I also need to check if Big World Fixpack itself conflicts with current patches because I used original releases to prepare them rather than mods patched with BWF. So yeah, installing many mods with beta EET is a nightmare. But when EET will be released officially it will be fully supported by Big World Setup.
  8. IWD-in-EET mod needs Writers IWD-in-EET aims to integrate itself smoothly into the world of Baldur's Gate. In order to achieve this several minor changes have been implemented like the BG like voiced greetings, quest entries that shows as titles instead of text in combat log, sharing the same worldmap as the main game, distributing weapons and spell scroll among the vanilla content etc. It's all for nothing if BG characters themselves are silent when they visit these areas and participate in the story, though. You know, things like Jaheira talking to Arundel, Anomen mentioning giants, Viconia speaking in the land of the drow (examples stolen from Kuylok post ). Sure, you can always install awesome Icewind Dale NPC mod, but the immersion would be still broken if only they would speak. Keep in mind that IWD-in-EET is visitable at any point of the Baldur's Gate Saga, so this leaves us with a large pool of NPCs that can participate in this story. This doesn't mean that the mod requires overwhelming amount of dialogue content though. Gigantic effort like BG1 NPC Project would be far excessive, but adding scenery conversations and interjections in few crucial parts of the story, at least for the fan favourites, would be a really good start to make the mod feel a lot closer to BG experience. Dialogues for already existing NPCs requires a knowledge about the character personality and it's very easy to discourage player if the writing doesn't portray a character properly, so I think this aspect of the mod requires a lead writer that would coordinate and review the work of others. I'm not really a writer myself and don't have experience with coordinating things related to dialogues. My English skills are also not good enough to offer proofreading. It would be great if someone would take the lead of this aspect of the mod. So, yeah, we're looking for writers and dialogue coders. Please leave a message in this topic if you're interested in joining. For now I think IWD1 portion of the mod should have a priority, so let's forget about IWD2 related tasks for a while.
  9. IWD-in-EET Author: K4thos Contributors: WhiteAgnus, CrevsDaak On the web: Home page and discussion forum Version beta 0.1 (not public yet) Languages: English, Polish, German Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X IWD-in-EET is an add-on for EET that brings the entirety of Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition, along with some Icewind Dale 2 content, into the world of Baldur's Gate. Taking open world inspiration this content will be available for Bhaalspawn party without silly time travel explanations or far-fetched excuses to get there. Treat it as yet another optional destination on your worldmap. This mod requires Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition (on the fly conversion similar to EET one takes place during installation). IWD-in-EET aims to integrate itself smoothly to the existing world and adds everything that IWD:EE has to offer when it comes to spells and content. The mod also offers some optional tweaks, which can turn your game much closer to how IWD:EE works (or disable unwanted features): Changes in existing Bard kits Changes in existing Druid kits Changes in existing Paladin kits Changes in existing Ranger kits Changes in existing Mage kits Changes in existing Thief kits Different Bard spell progression Different Druid spell progression Different Paladin spell progression Different Priest spell progression Different Ranger spell progression Different Wizard spell progression Disable High Level Abilities (HLA) Weapon True Grandmastery Elf can become a Druid Spell Immunity cannot be included in contingencies Replace Blindness with Spook spell for auto pick up Increased non-celestial summon cap Higher XP Cap Tweaked XP level progression 0 XP for learning spells, disarming traps, lockpicking Spell effects sounds and animations Hide IWD:EE Cleric kits Hide IWD:EE Cleric spells Hide IWD:EE Wizard spells Remove IWD:EE scrolls from vanilla stores Remove generic 2h axes from vanilla content Restore BG2:EE version of inventory sounds IWD1 content is currently in closed beta. IWD2 content is about half way before it's fully playable.
  10. Currently EET Tweaks is only available in English, Polish and German. If you wish to translate the mod, check out the note for translators. Most of EET Tweaks strings are already translated elsewhere, mostly in original games. Check out the comments for strings in English translation, as they often show where to look at for translated string. You can view the English translation online on GitHub: https://github.com/K4thos/EET_Tweaks/tree/master/EET_Tweaks/lang/en_US
  11. Currently EET is only available in English, Polish and German. If you wish to translate the mod, check out the note for translators. Pretty much all new text added by this mod is imported directly from BG:EE TLK files and considering that the game is already available in 14 languages, there are just few kb of text that needs to be translated. You can view the English translation online on GitHub: https://github.com/K4thos/EET/tree/master/EET/lang/en_US edit: Call for translations update for EET 1.0: https://github.com/K...master/EET/lang Following languages need to be updated: German 1. New strings added to 2da.tra. Mostly related to new Campaign Selection feature. Feel free to write them however you wish, no point in keeping it literal, considering these are mostly quotes from marketing materials regarding each game. 2. New file called chapters.tra. This may look scary but 90% of this file are just strings existing in BG:EE and BG2:EE. There is one part where the strings needs to be slighltly modified to presnt them CHARNAME perspective rather than narrator's. 3. 4 new strings in dialog.tra 4. setup.tra now have 21 strings related to WeiDU installation process (so don't use non-English language letters) Thanks in advance!
  12. Download links and installation instructions Download: https://github.com/Gibberlings3/EET Initialise EET (setup-EET) Core EET component requires "clean" BG2:EE installation with latest patch (currently v2.3.67.3). Translations and voice-overs are of course allowed but installing other (especially larger) mods that changes DLG and BCS files, before EET, may cause problems with later patching, so it's better to keep the installation as clean as possible. The BG:EE + Siege of Dragonspear installation (patch v2.3.67.3 is required) should be either "clean" installation or with any combination of mods listed in this forum topic (fist part of the post only). If you use Steam or GOG version of Siege of Dragonspear than you first need to use modmerge tool in your BG:EE + SoD directory. This utility released by Beamdog merges your Steam/GOG zip based DLC into something WeiDU can use. It only affects above mentioned platforms - you don't need to use it if you bought the game on Beamdog store. At least 4.66 GB free space is needed during installation. For virtual memory purposes, at least 500MB-1GB+ (depending on your operating system) more free disk space is recommended during installation. Once the installation is complete EET modification occupies at least 2.55 GB. Mods installed on BG:EE previous to installing EET on BG2:EE obviously increase free disk space requirements. It is recommended that you disable virus scanners, spyware scanners, and other background on-the-fly file scanners during the installation. These programs have been known in some cases to interfere with the WeiDU installation process. Installation within Program Files or Program Files (x86) is not recommended due to the potential for O/S related issues (e.g. UAC trouble). Unless you are sure that you have full UAC permissions consider moving BG:EE and BG2:EE outside this directory (the game is DRM free, so there are no problems with doing so). EET is packaged and installed with WeiDU and is distributed as a compressed archive. Extract the contents of the archive and move them to your BG2:EE game folder. Your game folder should then contain a EET folder and setup-EET.exe file. To initialize installation, double-click setup-EET.exe and follow the instructions on screen. Finalize EET (setup-EET_end) After the core component is installed, your game folder should then contain additional setup-EET_end.exe file. Only the last setup-EET_end.exe component is REQUIRED. It should be installed AFTER ALL OTHER MODS (at least after any mod that modifies dialogues, so for example EET Tweaks can be installed later, but to be sure always try to keep it at the end of your installation order, even if other readme files says otherwise). setup-EET_end overall offers 3 components: Update old saves to work with new installation - OPTIONAL - refer to F.A.Q. for more info. Notice that if you're using optional BP-BGT Worldmap mod this component must be installed AFTER it. Alternative GUI (SoD) - OPTIONAL - swaps the in-game BG2:EE GUI with the GUI imported from SoD expansion. Finalize EET - REQUIRED - finalizes the EET installation (required before starting the game). Once the final EET component is installed and you decide to integrate more mods you can safely uninstall it by running setup-EET_end.exe and than install it again once you are satisfied with your mod selection. No problems with reinstalling it too.
  13. Download links and installation instructions Windows Download link EET Tweaks is packaged and installed with WeiDU and is distributed as a self-extracting archive. To install, simply double-click the archive and follow the instructions on screen. Alternatively, the files can be extracted from the archive using WinRAR or 7zip and moved to your game folder. Your game folder should then contain a EET_Tweaks folder and setup-EET_Tweaks.exe. To install, double-click setup-EET_Tweaks.exe and follow the instructions on screen. Please run setup-EET_Tweaks.exe in your game folder to reinstall, uninstall, or otherwise change components. Mac OS X Download link (not available yet) EET_Tweaks is packaged and installed with WeiDU and is distributed as a compressed archive. Extract the contents of the archive and move them to your game folder. Your game folder should then contain a EET_Tweaks folder, setup-EET_Tweaks, and setup-EET_Tweaks.command. To install, simply double-click setup-EET_Tweaks.command and follow the instructions on screen. Auto-installation (for expert users) Instead of directly starting the installation go to the command line, navigate to your installation directory, and execute setup-EET.exe using the construction below. Alternatively, place the construction in a batch file or the Run... dialog in the Start menu. setup-EET_Tweaks.exe --force-install-list [number] --skip-at-view --language X --args-list [options] [path] Parameters: X: 0 - English 1 - Polish 2 - German [number] 0 - install Teleport spell 1 - install Consistent NPC appearance 2 - install Consistent NPC voices 3 - install Adjust total XP CAP 4 - install Additional XP CAP for BG1 portion of the game 5 - install Additional XP CAP for SoA portion of the game 6 - install Adjust XP for Traps, Spells and Lockpicking 7 - install Adjust XP for killing creatures 8 - install Adjust XP for quests 9 - install Party XP for quests distributed individually 10 - install 3E Thief Sneak Attack 11 - install Adjust FPS and fix audio skipping in cutscenes 12 - install More bandit scalps 13 - install Put Sword of Chaos +2 in Sarevok's inventory 14 - install Protagonist can die 15 - install Disable item shattering for enemies 16 - install Adjust BG1 weapon shattering chance 17 - install Adjust BG1 shield shattering chance 18 - install Adjust BG1 armor shattering chance 19 - install Adjust BG1 helmet shattering chance 20 - install Disable hostile reaction after charm 21 - install Adjust familiar death consequences //22 - reserved slot 23 - install IWD:EE portraits 24 - install IWD:EE soundsets 25 - Add Priest of Tyr kit for Priests 26 - Add Priest of Tyr kit for Priests 27 - Add racial enemies from IWD 28 - Remove junk from global scripts 29 - Restore TotSC textscreens //30. Ironman Mode (not available yet) [options] Some components allows you to choose options during installation. If this is the case than you can skip the prompt and choose them here by typing number of the component followed by '-' and the value that represents the chosen option and followed by another '-' and the value, if the chosen option expects exact value typed in via keyboard. p or P - informs WeiDU that pre-define full path to the Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition directory is provided; if the path is invalid, setup will prompt for a valid path. Used only by components 23 and 24. Should the last argument in order, followed by [path].[path] Full path, in quotes, to your Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition installation directory, used in conjunction with p or P in [options] Example: setup-EET_Tweaks.exe --force-install-list 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 --skip-at-view --language 0 --args-list "1-2" "3-4-10000000" "4-4-200000" "5-2" "6-3" "7-5" "8-7-120" "11-1" "16-4" "17-4" "18-4" "19-4" "21-2" p "C:\Program Files (x86)\BeamDog\Games\00798"This construction installs all components of this mod using the English language, predefined IWD:EE directory, and following settings: BG2 used as a base for join-able NPCs; total XP CAP set to custom value - 10,000,000; additional BG1 XP CAP set to custom value - 200,000; additional BG2:SoA XP CAP set to 2,950,000; XP rewards for Traps, Spells and Lockpicking based on progressive table; XP rewards for killing monsters decreased to 10%; XP rewards for quests increased to custom value - 120%; FPS set to 60 frames per second; all item types with shatter chance set to 0.1%; Constitution loss for 1 week after familiar is dead.
  14. Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Trilogy Tweaks (EET Tweaks) Author: K4thos Contributors: WhiteAgnus, CrevsDaak, AstroBryGuy On the web: Home page and discussion forum Languages: English, Polish, German Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X Link to readme file Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Trilogy Tweaks (EET Tweaks) is a modification that offers several optional tweaks for Infinity Engine games. Mostly related to Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Trilogy (EET) mod, but some are more universal and will work with different games and IE engine versions.
  15. Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Trilogy (EET) Author: K4thos Contributors: WhiteAgnus, AWizardDidIt, CrevsDaak On the web: Home page and discussion forum Version: 1.0 Release Candidate (a version that is nearly ready for release but may still have a few bugs; the status between beta version and release version.) Languages: English, Polish, German, French, Spanish Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X Link to readme file Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Trilogy (EET) is a modification for Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition that merges whole saga into one game and provides continuity between the events of Baldur's Gate, Tales of the Sword Coast, Shadows of Amn, Throne of Bhaal and Siege of Dragonspear expansion (also for both Black Pits adventures). The name of this this modification probably rings a bell to those who have been following IE modding scene, thanks to the classic mod that inspired this project, called Baldur's Gate Trilogy (BGT), developed by Bardez and Ascension64. While EET remains mostly faithful to the premise of the BGT, it shouldn't be considered a direct continuation of that project. In fact both mods share little to no common code and took different design decisions in many aspects. Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Trilogy has two main goals: 1. Uniting of the Baldur's Gate series into a single, continuous world that doesn't feel like 4 separate campaigns Play all Infinity Engine Baldur's Gate saga games in Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition engine. One game, complete package Seamless experience, NPC continuity, better internal consistency between the games United journal system that keeps track of all 22 chapters of your journey, from the beginning in Candlekeep up until the end of Throne of Bhaal expansion No restrictions in travelling between BG1, SoD, BG2 and ToB areas, once they are discovered. All areas accessible from the same worldmap 2. Becoming a mod friendly platform with additional modding possibilities that comes with fulfilling the first goal Solution for mods designed to affect BG1 and BG2 content at the same time (preserved variables, character adjustments, world state, saves, things that can vary between installations like spell references assigned by WeiDU etc.) A way to create new content designed for higher level parties in areas that normally wouldn't exist in game (vanilla games) or would be blocked after certain points of the story (BGT mod) Intuitive conventions for renamed BG:EE files and modders resources that can be used for adopting existing mods Limited support for mods installed on BG:EE previous to installing EET on BG2:EE
  16. For a full tutorial on how to make a mod compatible with EET please refer to Modder's Notes distributed with the mod package. Instead of repeating what is already written there this topic is only meant to present overall scope of the required changes and general directions. 1. Mods that doesn't support EE engine at all How-to: Converting existing mods to the EE engine 2. BG2:EE only mods If the mod is compatible with BG2:EE and only has BG2 content than adding compatibility is a matter of minutes. Here are usual steps: GAME_IS weidu command returns true if the IE game variant is one of the entries specified, otherwise it returns false. EET is recognized as ~eet~ by this command instead of ~bg2ee~, so the mod should be adopted properly if needed. Some older mods may use outdated coding which checks for file existence to determinate what type of platform is used instead of GAME_IS, so such situation also should be taken into account. EET 1.0 uses a continuous journal and chapters system that keeps track of all 22 chapters of your journey: Baldur's Gate – chapters from 0 (prologue) to 7. Siege of Dragonspear expansion – chapters from 7 to 13 Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn – chapters from 13 to 19 (instead of 1-7). Throne of Bhaal expansion – chapters from 20 to 22 (instead of 8-10). This system is an attempt at making the whole saga feel like a single, continuous game, with old areas still visitable regardless of the story progress. The aim here is to turn the end of the campaign not much different than the end of any other chapter, so the game world is preserved, journal are not cleaned etc. In order to achieve this mods affecting later parts of the story (BG2, ToB) need to use continuous chapter/journal system. The easiest way to implement it without breaking compatibility with other platforms is using cross-platform variables that should replace the actual chapter numbers in dialogues and scripts. Here is example implementation: 1. ALWAYS section becomes expanded with variable declaration code: ACTION_IF (GAME_IS ~eet~) BEGIN OUTER_SET bg2_chapter = 12 END ELSE BEGIN OUTER_SET bg2_chapter = 0 END OUTER_FOR (i=1; i<=10; i=i+1) BEGIN OUTER_SET bg2_chapter = bg2_chapter + 1 OUTER_SPRINT name_source ~bg2_chapter_%i%~ OUTER_SET EVAL ~%name_source%~ = bg2_chapter END Or this if the above code is not easy enough to read (it does the exact same thing) ACTION_IF (GAME_IS ~eet~) BEGIN OUTER_SET bg2_chapter_1 = 13 OUTER_SET bg2_chapter_2 = 14 OUTER_SET bg2_chapter_3 = 15 OUTER_SET bg2_chapter_4 = 16 OUTER_SET bg2_chapter_5 = 17 OUTER_SET bg2_chapter_6 = 18 OUTER_SET bg2_chapter_7 = 19 OUTER_SET bg2_chapter_8 = 20 OUTER_SET bg2_chapter_9 = 21 OUTER_SET bg2_chapter_10 = 22 END ELSE BEGIN //any other platform OUTER_SET bg2_chapter_1 = 1 OUTER_SET bg2_chapter_2 = 2 OUTER_SET bg2_chapter_3 = 3 OUTER_SET bg2_chapter_4 = 4 OUTER_SET bg2_chapter_5 = 5 OUTER_SET bg2_chapter_6 = 6 OUTER_SET bg2_chapter_7 = 7 OUTER_SET bg2_chapter_8 = 8 OUTER_SET bg2_chapter_9 = 9 OUTER_SET bg2_chapter_10 = 10 END 2. And than we can use these variables normally in code: GlobalLT("chapter","GLOBAL",6) //old style of chapter coding GlobalLT("chapter","GLOBAL",%bg2_chapter_6%) //new style of chapter coding 3. What is left is adding EVALUATE_BUFFER to tp2 code whenever script or dialogue containing variables needs evaluation (COMPILE, EXTEND_TOP, EXTEND_BOTTOM, REPLACE_BCS_BLOCK) Sounds like a nightmare thing to do manually? No worry, both GAME_IS patching and chapter variable implementation can be implemented automatically with EET_modConverter tool available within mod package. 3. BG:EE only mods If the mod is compatible with BG:EE and only has BG1 content than adding compatibility can be achieved in two different ways. Either let the mod be installed on BG:EE previous to installing EET on BG2:EE (no problem if the mod doesn't conflict with BG2 content - this can be checked with another tool available in the package - let me know if you would like your mod to be supported by EET this way) or implement native compatibility. When it comes to native compatibility you should be aware about EET naming conventions for conflicting BG1 resources and technical features used by EET platform. If your mod already takes advantage of cross-platform variable libraries popularized by BG1 NPC Project (cpmvars) than check out EET/other/cpmvars folder to get the library for EET. You can also use EET_modConverter tool to convert naming conventions used in mod between BG:EE -> EET, BGT ->EET, any platform -> cpmvars. The conversion will also result in a detailed change-log, which will allow you to manually revert changes made to your files if needed. 4. BG:EE and BG2:EE NPC mods Regardless of the portion of the story that the NPC mod has been designed for it's recommended to adopt NPC continuity system. To make this task easier for modders EET comes with pre-made weidu function that can be used to implement required code automatically (all you need to do is disable FATESP.DLG patching if GAME_IS ~eet~, INCLUDE most recent version of EET_functions.tph file and than use it in your tp2. Examples and detailed explanation of each option in this function can be found in the documentation. 5. Mods affecting both BG:EE and BG2:EE resources These are the most tricky beasts because you can't just trust EET_modConvert to handle conversion automatically - in most cases that would result in modifying both BG1 and BG2 stuff which is not intended. However you can still use the output change-log in order to decide which changes are warranted, especially if you know the code well. Preferable way to deal with incompatibilities between platform in such mods is using cross-platform coding variables. Fortunately patches for most demanding mods in this category has been already made. 6. Mods adding areas to Worldmap http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=27749
  17. This topic has been created to provide an up to date worldmap and areas reference for EET and compatible mods. While the EET itself is fully compatible with the BP-BGT Worldmap, it also comes with it's own unique worldmap that covers all supported games, generated on the fly during EET installation, using areas, links and strings exported directly from vanilla BG:EE and BG2:EE maps. Keep in mind that coordinates for BG:EE areas are provided externally. Whole game is using a single worldmap that doesn't change even in ToB (worldm25.wmp is not used at all). Same is true if you are using BP-BGT Worldmap. The map itself is basically BG2 and ToB maps merged together and expanded with areas north with BG1, SoD and Icewind (used by unreleased optional IWD-in-EET mod) landmass. When it comes to BG2 and ToB areas it allows for cross-platform modding without separate script blocks for patching EET Worldmap. Modder can use same weidu code as for SoA/ToB worldmaps, by simply assigning additional X and Y coordinate correction depending on the platform. BG2 and ToB icons have the same numbers as in vanilla BG2:EE. BG1 icons also preserve the numbering, but you need to add a starting number correction, if you want to use the same code for worldmap patching between BG1 and EET - more information in the mod documentation. Example code for setting up platform specific variables: ACTION_IF GAME_IS ~eet~ BEGIN OUTER_SET wmp_xCoord_SoA = 0 //in relation to BG2/BG2:EE WORLDMAP.WMP add 0 px correction to X coordinate OUTER_SET wmp_yCoord_SoA = 2283 //in relation to BG2/BG2:EE WORLDMAP.WMP add 2283 px correction to Y coordinate OUTER_SET wmp_xCoord_ToB = 893 //in relation to BG2/BG2:EE WORLDM25.WMP add 893 px correction to X coordinate OUTER_SET wmp_yCoord_ToB = 3011 //in relation to BG2/BG2:EE WORLDM25.WMP add 1681 px correction to Y coordinate OUTER_SET wmp_mapIcon_BG1 = 29 //in relation to Tutu YAC22MAP.BAM add 29 cycles correction to map icon OUTER_SET wmp_mapIcon_ToB = 85 //in relation to BG2 25MAPIC.BAM add 85 cycles correction to map icon OUTER_SPRINT wmp_worldmap_ToB "worldmap" //when editing ToB worldmap use WORLDMAP.WMP instead of WORLDM25.WMP END ELSE BEGIN OUTER_SET wmp_xCoord_SoA = 0 OUTER_SET wmp_yCoord_SoA = 0 OUTER_SET wmp_xCoord_ToB = 0 OUTER_SET wmp_yCoord_ToB = 0 OUTER_SET wmp_mapIcon_BG1 = 0 OUTER_SET wmp_mapIcon_ToB = 0 OUTER_SPRINT wmp_worldmap_ToB "worldm25" END Example usage from Almateria's Restoration Project for both EET and vanilla SoA worldmap patching at the same time: ACTION_GET_STRREF 61301 GrovName LAF sc#addWmpAre INT_VAR mapIcon = 16 xCoord = 1095 + wmp_xCoord_SoA yCoord = 660 + wmp_yCoord_SoA tTime = 2 inclSv = 0 visible = 0 reachable = 1 visited = 0 visibleAdjacent = 0 STR_VAR areName = ~ar2700~ strName = EVAL "%GrovName%" strDesc = EVAL "%GrovName%" worldmap = "worldmap" RET areNum = areNum END Below image (art by Kirara) shows the EET Worldmap as a whole and can be also used as an Area Reference for EET content and all supported mods. If you compare the map with actual Faerun continent maps you will notice that in order to provide focused presentation of the visitable areas default EET Worldmap ignores part of the landmass – there is a jump from Delimbiyr River (near Daggerford) right to The Spine of the World. Without this there would be a lot of nothing in between. Initially the map was meant to end on Delimbiyr River (which would cover all space needed for SoD) but has been expanded with The Spine of the World, in order to support upcoming IWD-in-EET mod (its inclusion is also justified even in vanilla game due to TotSC Ice Island where you're teleported from Ulgoth's Beard). Reference image will be updated whenever new mod that adds areas to worldmap becomes compatible with EET and author decides to make it support EET Worldmap too. Hopefully this will make it easier for modders to assign icons without worrying about compatibility with other mods. Worldmap Area Reference BG1 areas BG0100 //Baldur's Gate North West BG0200 //Baldur's Gate North BG0300 //Baldur's Gate North East BG0400 //Upper Chionthar River (Farms over Chionthar) BG0500 //Durlag's Tower BG0600 //Baldur's Gate West BG0700 //Baldur's Gate Center BG0800 //Baldur's Gate East BG0900 //Wyrm's Crossing BG1000 //Ulgoth's Beard BG1008 //Ice Island BG1100 //Baldur's Gate South West BG1200 //Baldur's Gate South BG1300 //Baldur's Gate South East BG1400 //Lower Chionthar River (Ankheg Farms/South of Wyrm's Crossing) BG1600 //Cloakwood Grove (Cloakwood Druids/Cloakwood 3) BG1700 //Cloakwood Crossings (Cloakwood Wyverns/Cloakwood 4) BG1800 //Cloakwood Mines BG1900 //Bandit Camp BG2000 //Balduran's Isle (Werewolf Isle) BG2100 //Cloakwood Falls (Cloakwood Nest/Cloakwood 2) BG2200 //Cloakwood Lodge (Cloakwood 1) BG2300 //Friendly Arm Inn BG2400 //Peldvale BG2600 //Candlekeep [prologue] BG2626 //Candlekeep [ch.6] BG2700 //Lion's Way (Gorion's Rest) BG2800 //Coast Way (Crossroads) BG2900 //Larswood BG3000 //Spider Wood (The East Wood) BG3100 //Shipwreck's Coast (North Sword Coast) BG3200 //High Hedge BG3300 //Beregost BG3400 //Temple of Lathander (Beregost Temple) BG3500 //Sharp Teeth Plain (Mutamin's Garden/Basilisk Monument) BG3600 //The Lighthouse (Sword Coast) BG3700 //Red Canyons (Zombie Retreat) BG3800 //Trade Way North (Badlands/South Beregost Road/Beregost Wilderness) BG3900 //Ulcaster School BG4000 //Gullykin BG4100 //Ancient Ruins (Archaeological Site/South Sword Coast) BG4200 //Wilderness Lake (Fisherman's Lake) BG4300 //Trade Way South (Nashkel Pass/North Nashkel Road) BG4400 //Lonely Peaks (Firewine Plains) BG4500 //Firewine Bridge BG4600 //Bear River (Ogre's Reach) BG4700 //Xvart Village BG4800 //Nashkel BG4900 //Carnival BG5000 //Valley of the Tombs (Southern Wastelands) BG5100 //Gnoll Stronghold BG5200 //Dryad Falls (Western Cloudpeaks) BG5300 //Fire Leaf Forest (The Cloudpeaks) BG5400 //Nashkel Mines BG5500 //Gibberling Mountains (Dragon's Run/Cloud Peaks) TU0015 //Duchal Palace (tutorial area) BG:EE new areas OH2000 //Adoy's Enclave OH3000 //Cloud Peaks BG2:SoA areas AR0020 //Athkatla: City Gates AR0300 //Athkatla: Docks AR0400 //Athkatla: Slums AR0500 //Athkatla: Bridge District AR0700 //Athkatla: Waukeen's Promenade AR0800 //Athkatla: Graveyard AR0900 //Athkatla: Temple District AR1000 //Athkatla: Government District AR1100 //Umar Hills AR1200 //Windspear Hills AR1300 / AR1304 //de'Arnise Hold AR1400 / AR1404 //Temple Ruins AR1500 //The Asylum AR1600 //Brynnlaw AR1700 //Small Teeth Pass AR1800 //North Forest AR1900 //Druid Grove AR2000 //Trademeet AR2100 //Underdark AR2300 //Underwater City AR2500 //Underdark Exit AR2600 //Forest of Tethyr AR2800 //Suldanessellar BG2:EE new SoA Areas OH4000 //Abandoned Amphitheater OH4100 //Heretic Temple OH5100 //Resurrection Gorge OH5300 //Helmite Camp OH6000 //Wild Forest OH6100 / OH6200 //Hidden Refuge BG2:ToB Areas AR3000 //Watcher's Keep AR4000 //Sacred Grove AR5000 //Saradush AR5200 //Marching Mountains AR5202 //Forest of Mir - The Temple AR5203 //Siege Camp AR5500 //Amkethran AR6000 //Abazigal's Lair AR6100 //Sendai's Enclave AR6300 //The Oasis AR6400 //Forest Valley BG2:EE new ToB Areas OH4200 //Deepstone Clanhold OH6400 //Clearing Siege of Dragonspear BD0010 //[Ducal Palace City Exterior] BD0104 //[Flaming Fist HQ] BD1000 //Coast Way Crossing BD2000 //Boareskyr Bridge BD3000 //Coalition Camp BD4000 //Dragonspear Castle BD4100 //[Dragonspear Castle Keep, First Floor] BD4300 //[Dragonspear Castle Basement] BD4400 //[Avernus] BD4500 //[Avernus Bridge] BD5000 //Underground River BD5100 //[underground River] BD5200 //[The Warrens] BD6000 //[Abandoned Sewers & Caverns] BD6100 //[The Ambush] BD6200 //[sewers Exit] BD7000 //Coast Way Forest BD7100 //Troll Claw Woods BD7200 //Forest of Wyrms BD7300 //Dead Man's Pass BD7400 //Bloodbark Grove IWD-in-EET (IWD areas) ID1000 / ID1100 //Easthaven ID2000 //Kuldahar Pass ID2100 //Kuldahar ID3000 //The Vale of Shadows ID3600 //Temple of the Forgotten God ID4000 //Dragon's Eye ID5000 //Severed Hand ID6000 //Dorn's Deep ID7000 //Wyrm's Tooth ID8001 //Lower Dorn's Deep IWD-in-EET (HoW areas) ID9100 //Lonelywood ID9200 //Barbarian Camp ID9300 //Burial Isle ID9500 //Gloomfrost ID9600 //Sea of Moving Ice IWD-in-EET (IWD2 areas) IW1000 //Targos Docks IW1100 //Targos IW1200 //Targos Palisade IW2000 //Shaengarne Ford IW2102 //Shaengarne Bridge IW3000 //Horde Fortress IW4000 //Western Pass IW4100 //Icewall (Ice Temple) IW5000 //Wandering Village IW5001 //The Fell Wood IW5004 //Cold Marshes IW5005 //River Caves IW5102 //River Caves Exit IW5200 //Black Raven Monastery IW5300 //The Underdark IW6000 //Kuldahar Valley IW6104 //Dragon's Eye Exit IW6200 //Fields of Slaughter IW6201 //Fields of Slaughter Almateria's Restoration Project AR2700 //Grove Dark Side of the Sword Coast DSC001 //Wood of Sharp Teeth DSC002 //Wood of Sharp Teeth DSC004 //Forest of Forgotten Souls DSC010 //Forgotten Mountain Pass Eilistraee's Song ARES01 //Eilistraee's Clearing Fishing For Trouble YS1000 / YS1001 //Porthpentyrch YS0390 //Govt. West (Government District Westside) YS0360 //Cerendor Hold YS0370 //Cloudpeak Mountains (Cloudpeak Caravan) Foundling: Between the Shades L#FOU0 //Hidden Sanctuary Innershade ARISH1 //Innershade Northern Tales of the Sword Coast AR01PB //Wood of the Dead AR10PB //Field of the Dead AR20PB //Northern Coast AR30PB //Northern Citadel AR40PB //Northern Wood AR60PB //Temple of the Black Hand Southern Edge L#ND01 //Southern Edge Tales of Deep Gardens ARLDV1 //Deep Gardens The Darkest Day ARPO05 //Rusted Scabbard DD1000 //Easthaven DD1800 //Snake Woods DD1900 //Purskal DD2300 //Eshpurta DD2500 //Troll Mountains DD3300 //Riatavin DD5000 //Hall of Knowledge DD7000 //Orgoth's Tower DD8000 //Deep Mir Forest DD8001 //Haunted Forest DD9000 //Trollford The Drizzt Saga F_7777 //Bruenor's Cabin F_9898 //Mountain of the Dead F_0111 //Bear Tribe Village F_0222 //Storm March Mountains The Stone of Askavar ARS002 //Bluebell wood ARS005 //Dystra old watch tower The White Queen WQ0001 //Silent Swamps
  18. Post related to BGT / EET / Tutu compatibility. Please read previous one first: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=27526&do=findComment&comment=240799 I've run a deep scan and here are files that needs updating when it comes to cross-platform BG1 CRE files (the only BGT related files were IMOEN61 and VICONI61, so I think it's relevant not only to EET but BGT too - see the list in the linked topic): Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/120_wpo.tpa: IMOEN6 => IMOEN6_ - cre Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/120_wpo.tpa: QUAYLE => QUAYLE_ - cre Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/120_wpo.tpa: VICONI6 => VICONI6_ - cre Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/120_wpo.tpa: XAN => XAN_ - cre Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/120_wpo.tpa: XZAR => XZAR_ - cre Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/150_wco.tpa: IMOEN6 => IMOEN6_ - cre Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/150_wco.tpa: QUAYLE => QUAYLE_ - cre Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/150_wco.tpa: XAN => XAN_ - cre Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/150_wco.tpa: XZAR => XZAR_ - cre Not sure if following changes refer to BG:EE or BG2:EE files, but just in case here is a list of BG:EE items that are renamed in EET due to conflicting names in BG2:EE. I've also added BGT names becouse you didn't seem to include them in your mod: BGEE EET BGT HELM15 HELM15_ BGHELM15 LEAT07 LEAT07_ LEAT07 MISC56 MISC56_ BGMISC56 MISC79 MISC79_ BGMISC79 MISC89 MISC89_ BGMISC89 PLAT06 PLAT06_ PLAT06 RING08 RING08_ BGRING08 SCRL1V SCRL1V_ BGSCRL1V STAF04 STAF04_ BGSTAF04 STAF08 STAF08_ STAF08 SW1H09 SW1H09_ SW1H09 SW2H07 SW2H07_ BGSW2H07 SW2H08 SW2H08_ SW2H08 WAND12 WAND12_ BGWAND12 as you can see EET imports a little more items to BG2:EE compared to BGT (those that had unique lore in BG:EE are imported too). Also don't forget that tutu is renaming every single resource in BG1, so consider using %tutu_var% mentioned in that NPC kit topic. You may also consider expanding the ALWAYS list from the previous topic with these variables for easier cross-platform coding (we are not using them for NPCs becouse BGT did some strange renaming with "1" suffix in some instances, so at least IMOEN6 and VICONI6 requires separate variables): ACTION_IF GAME_IS ~bgee~ BEGIN OUTER_SPRINT eet_suffix ~~ OUTER_SPRINT bgt_prefix ~~ END ELSE ACTION_IF GAME_IS ~eet~ BEGIN OUTER_SPRINT eet_suffix ~_~ OUTER_SPRINT bgt_prefix ~~ END ELSE ACTION_IF GAME_IS ~bgt~ BEGIN OUTER_SPRINT eet_suffix ~~ OUTER_SPRINT bgt_prefix ~bg~ END ELSE ACTION_IF GAME_IS ~tutu tutu_totsc~ BEGIN OUTER_SPRINT eet_suffix ~~ OUTER_SPRINT bgt_prefix ~~ END Here is a result of my scan in your files (again not sure if this refers to BG:EE or BG2:EE resources, so some of these may be false alarms) Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/100_iwo.tpa: LEAT07 => LEAT07_ - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/100_iwo.tpa: SW1H09 => SW1H09_ - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/100_iwo.tpa: SW2H08 => SW2H08_ - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/150_wco.tpa: MISC89 => MISC89_ - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/wizard/crafting/scroll/d5_scrib.d: SCRL1V => SCRL1V_ - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/wizard/crafting/wand/bg/d5_rech1.baf: WAND12 => WAND12_ - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/wizard/crafting/wand/bg/d5_rech1.d: WAND12 => WAND12_ - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/wizard/crafting/wand/iwd/d5_rech1.baf: WAND12 => WAND12_ - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/wizard/crafting/wand/iwd/d5_rech1.d: WAND12 => WAND12_ - itm Also in Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/100_iwo.tpa I've noticed that you are making changes to normal shields. Notice that both BG:EE and BG2:EE have normal and "A" variant of these shields. They differ only in how they look. EET uses "A" variant that exists in BG2:EE (unused) for BG:EE resources and BG2:EE remains unchanged using normal variant (notice that BG:EE always used "A" variant designs, they were just named without that "A" letter). So in case this is relevant here are additional reports: Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/100_iwo.tpa: SHLD02 => SHLD02A - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/100_iwo.tpa: SHLD04 => SHLD04A - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/100_iwo.tpa: SHLD06 => SHLD06A - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/100_iwo.tpa: SHLD07 => SHLD07A - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/100_iwo.tpa: SHLD17 => SHLD17A - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/100_iwo.tpa: SHLD19 => SHLD19A - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/100_iwo.tpa: SHLD28 => SHLD28A - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/100_iwo.tpa: SHLD29 => SHLD29A - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/100_iwo.tpa: SHLD02A => SHLD02 - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/100_iwo.tpa: SHLD04A => SHLD04 - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/100_iwo.tpa: SHLD06A => SHLD06 - itm
  19. Another post related to BGT / EET / Tutu compatibility. Please read previous ones first: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=27526&do=findComment&comment=240799 http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=27573&do=findComment&comment=240802 Here is a result of a scan for this mod just in case these resources refers to BG1 (BG2 ones remains unchanged): CRE: Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/components/250_proficiency_overhaul.tpa: VICONI6 => VICONI6_ - cre Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/components/250_proficiency_overhaul.tpa: XAN => XAN_ - cre Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/components/250_proficiency_overhaul.tpa: XZAR => XZAR_ - cre Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/components/250_proficiency_overhaul.tpa: IMOEN6 => IMOEN6_ - cre Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/components/250_proficiency_overhaul.tpa: QUAYLE => QUAYLE_ - cre Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/components/600_wizard_tweaks.tpa: IMOEN6 => IMOEN6_ - cre Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/components/600_wizard_tweaks.tpa: QUAYLE => QUAYLE_ - cre Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/components/600_wizard_tweaks.tpa: XAN => XAN_ - cre Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/components/600_wizard_tweaks.tpa: XZAR => XZAR_ - cre Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/components/250_proficiency_overhaul.tpa: IMOEN6 => IMOEN6_ - cre Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/components/250_proficiency_overhaul.tpa: QUAYLE => QUAYLE_ - cre ITM: Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/components/100_items.tpa: LEAT07 => LEAT07_ - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/components/100_items.tpa: SW1H09 => SW1H09_ - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/components/100_items.tpa: SW2H08 => SW2H08_ - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/components/600_wizard_tweaks.tpa: MISC89 => MISC89_ - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/misc/iwdee/XBOW06.ITM: bam = IXBOW06 => IXBOW06_ - 0x3a Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/misc/iwdee/XBOW06.ITM: bam = IXBOW06 => IXBOW06_ - 0x76 Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/misc/iwdee/XXBOW06.ITM: bam = IXBOW06 => IXBOW06_ - 0x3a Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/misc/iwdee/XXBOW06.ITM: bam = IXBOW06 => IXBOW06_ - 0x76 Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/wizard/crafting/scroll/d5_scrib.d: SCRL1V => SCRL1V_ - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/wizard/crafting/wand/bg/d5_rech1.baf: WAND12 => WAND12_ - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/wizard/crafting/wand/bg/d5_rech1.d: WAND12 => WAND12_ - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/wizard/crafting/wand/iwd/d5_rech1.baf: WAND12 => WAND12_ - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/wizard/crafting/wand/iwd/d5_rech1.d: WAND12 => WAND12_ - itm Analyzing EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/mr/mr_item_list.tpa, no extension, proposed change: SCRL1V => SCRL1V_ - itm Analyzing EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/spells/scroll_list_base.tpa, no extension, proposed change: SCRL1V => SCRL1V_ - itm Analyzing EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/spells/scroll_list_sr.tpa, no extension, proposed change: SCRL1V => SCRL1V_ - itm Analyzing EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/mr/mr_item_list.tpa, no extension, proposed change: SCRL1V => SCRL1V_ - itm Analyzing EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/spells/scroll_list_base.tpa, no extension, proposed change: SCRL1V => SCRL1V_ - itm Analyzing EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/spells/scroll_list_sr.tpa, no extension, proposed change: SCRL1V => SCRL1V_ - itm Shields (cosmetic change in desgin) Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/components/100_items.tpa: SHLD02 => SHLD02A - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/components/100_items.tpa: SHLD04 => SHLD04A - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/components/100_items.tpa: SHLD06 => SHLD06A - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/components/100_items.tpa: SHLD07 => SHLD07A - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/components/100_items.tpa: SHLD17 => SHLD17A - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/components/100_items.tpa: SHLD19 => SHLD19A - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/components/100_items.tpa: SHLD28 => SHLD28A - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/components/100_items.tpa: SHLD29 => SHLD29A - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/components/100_items.tpa: SHLD02A => SHLD02 - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/components/100_items.tpa: SHLD04A => SHLD04 - itm Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/components/100_items.tpa: SHLD06A => SHLD06 - itm And once again BGT and EET is missing relevant stuff and whole mod is not compatible with tutu in any way.
  20. Hey, I've noticed that you added support for EET in this mod. Thanks. Few things are not perfect yet though. In EET following NPC BG1 creatures are renamed due to conflicting names with BG2 resources: IMOEN6 => IMOEN6_ (IMOEN61 in BGT) QUAYLE => QUAYLE_ (BGQUAYLE in BGT) VICONI6 => VICONI6_ (VICONI61 in BGT) XAN => XAN_ (BGXAN in BGT) XZAR => XZAR_ (BGXZAR in BGT) Also your code is not compatible with tutu at all. That platform renames every single resource in BG1 by adding _ at the beginning, not only for conflicting ones. Overall I think it would be better to assign variables depending on the platform like this and paste it into ALWAYS section of the tp2 file (this way they will be assigned for each component). Right before LANGUAGE declaration you could add something like this: ALWAYS ACTION_IF GAME_IS ~bgee~ BEGIN OUTER_SPRINT tutu_var ~~ OUTER_SPRINT IMOEN6_var ~IMOEN6~ OUTER_SPRINT QUAYLE_var ~QUAYLE~ OUTER_SPRINT VICONI6_var ~VICONI6~ OUTER_SPRINT XAN_var ~XAN~ OUTER_SPRINT XZAR_var ~XZAR~ END ELSE ACTION_IF GAME_IS ~eet~ BEGIN OUTER_SPRINT tutu_var ~~ OUTER_SPRINT IMOEN6_var ~IMOEN6_~ OUTER_SPRINT QUAYLE_var ~QUAYLE_~ OUTER_SPRINT VICONI6_var ~VICONI6_~ OUTER_SPRINT XAN_var ~XAN_~ OUTER_SPRINT XZAR_var ~XZAR_~ END ELSE ACTION_IF GAME_IS ~bgt~ BEGIN OUTER_SPRINT tutu_var ~~ OUTER_SPRINT IMOEN6_var ~IMOEN61~ OUTER_SPRINT QUAYLE_var ~BGQUAYLE~ OUTER_SPRINT VICONI6_var ~VICONI61~ OUTER_SPRINT XAN_var ~BGXAN~ OUTER_SPRINT XZAR_var ~BGXZAR~ END ELSE ACTION_IF GAME_IS ~tutu tutu_totsc~ BEGIN OUTER_SPRINT tutu_var ~_~ OUTER_SPRINT IMOEN6_var ~IMOEN6~ OUTER_SPRINT QUAYLE_var ~QUAYLE~ OUTER_SPRINT VICONI6_var ~VICONI6~ OUTER_SPRINT XAN_var ~XAN~ OUTER_SPRINT XZAR_var ~XZAR~ END END now you no longer need separate blocks for each platform. For example this (which is not really compatible with either EET or Tutu): ACTION_IF GAME_IS ~tutu bgee eet~ THEN BEGIN COPY_EXISTING ~IMOEN1.cre~ ~override~ ~IMOEN2.cre~ ~override~ ~IMOEN4.cre~ ~override~ ~IMOEN6.cre~ ~override~ could be changed to: ACTION_IF GAME_IS ~tutu tutu_totsc bgee eet bgt~ THEN BEGIN COPY_EXISTING ~%tutu_var%IMOEN1.cre~ ~override~ ~%tutu_var%IMOEN2.cre~ ~override~ ~%tutu_var%IMOEN4.cre~ ~override~ ~%tutu_var%%IMOEN6_var%.cre~ ~override~ notice that whole ACTION_IF GAME_IS ~bgt~ THEN BEGIN block in mage_thief.tpa is no longer needed if you code it like this, so there is less chance for mistakes. btw. if you are adding exact same changes in both BG1 and BG2 creatures than you could use code like this instead (Imoen used just as an example, from what I've seen you are doing different patching in BG1 and BG2): ACTION_FOR_EACH file IN ~%tutu_var%IMOEN1~ ~%tutu_var%IMOEN2~ ~%tutu_var%IMOEN4~ ~%tutu_var%%IMOEN6_var%~ ~IMOEN6~ ~IMOEN10~ ~IMOEN15~ ~IMOEN211~ ~IMOEN213~ BEGIN ACTION_IF FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~%file%.cre~ BEGIN COPY_EXISTING ~%file%.cre~ ~override~ //do your patching BUT_ONLY END END
  21. MOD COMPATIBILITY LIST FOR EET -- LINK TO THE LIST -- This compatibility list will be frequently updated. It is highly recommended that you follow what is said in the linked list if you are planning to make EET installation with mods. EET project aims to be a mod friendly platform and tries to get as much support as possible when it comes to compatibility with mods. EET comes with tools and modder resources designed for easier EET support implementation, and I'm offering advices and help with any cross-platform related coding task for already released and upcoming BG:EE and BG2:EE mods.. Hopefully this approach will result in a respectable compatibility list once the mod become officially released, so that it could appeal to both mod makers and mod players. Installation tips and notes on compatibility Tools like Project Infinity (successor of BWS) are the preferable ways to install mods for Windows users. It is highly recommended to check out the installation order and compatibility between mods. Just keep in mind that in EET game some BG1 mods need to be installed on BG:EE before EET installation on BG2:EE. Current compatibility between EET and other modifications are listed below. Note that versions of modifications below those stated are not compatible. The compatibility list does not imply that the other modifications mentioned are compatible with each other. Make sure you understand the specific requirements of each modification by looking at their readmes before you go into hardcore mixing and matching. This topic remains open. We would like to keep this list up to date, so please feel free to post about any mods that received an EET related update. Confirmations from authors about patches internalization and feedback regarding particular patches being obsolete due to mod update are very much welcomed too. The compatibility list is hosted on Github and everyone with Github account has free access to edit it.
  22. Awesome. I was planning to open a new topic in bug section to report it. Good to hear that it's a known bug. Looking forward for next patch I can confirm that zeroing wind speed value (50% transparency) in ARE files indeed makes the water look exactly the same as in BG1 and BG2 engine. --- Thank you very much Blaze for sharing this information on IESDP forums. It will be useful for many modders for sure.
  23. Up until now we knew that BG2:EE and vanilla BG2 engine had the same problems with dithered water. With a recent release of tile2ee tool we can now extract PVRZ based files back to TIS format and try to fix water problem when porting dithered water to BG2:EE using additional tis2bg2 tool (for example used by BGT and EasyTutu Degreenifier). But it looks like there are 2 more problems with BG2:EE when it comes to supporting BG1 areas even if converted to use stencil water: 1. Interior areas have strange corner transparency issues (shows up in every interior area when ported from BG:EE, doesn't matter if in TIS format or PVRZ format): It seems to be related to zooming feature, as it can look different when viewed in Window and Fullscreen mode. Here is how it looks in BG:EE. Probably it's some kind of undocumented WED setting that need to be tweaked for interior areas. The only new thing in WED format that we know about is previously unused 'movement type' field in every overlay header. It's not documented on IESDP but according to Avenger we can set this layer flag to: 0 - default 1 - disable rendering 2 - alternate BGEE rendering Changing it to either of these 3 values doesn't fix above or below mentioned problem. In case someone would like to test this new flag you can use DLTCP or following weidu code: COPY_EXISTING ~nameofThe.WED~ ~override~ READ_LONG 0x8 ovr_count READ_LONG 0x10 ovr_offset FOR (index = 0 ; index < ovr_count ; index = index + 1) BEGIN WRITE_SHORT ("%ovr_offset%" + 0xe + (0x18 * "%index%")) "2" //0- default, 1- disable rendering, 2- alternate BGEE END 2. BG2:EE engine has problem with showing up not only dithered water (that is expected) but also stencil water that is fully supported by vanilla BG2 engine This is how water looks like in BG:EE (dithered water), BGT (stencil water), EasyTutu (with degreenifier - stencil water): same area in BG2:EE shows up like this: It doesn't look that bad on screenshot but when you see it in game with animation it looks absolutely awful. If anyone want to test it here are all files from clean BGT installation related to AR9200 Shipwreck's Coast and TIS file used as water there (direct copy from BGT, just with cleaned out junk from ARE to not crash BG2:EE). Use CluaConsole:MoveToArea("AR9200") and see yourself that it looks like in second screenshot in BG2:EE. Now paste these files to clean BG2 installation (or just use BGT if you have it installed) and teleport to the same area. You will see correctly rendered water like in first screenshot. ------- Any information how to resolve both issues would be appreciated. Proper TIS/WED format differences documentation on IESDP for BG2:EE engine will be useful for all modders working with areas.
  24. Nice to hear it. BG2:EE patch 1.3 indeed has string 99389 with "Unaffected by effects from <RESOURCE>" but the engine directs this opcode to string 26818 - default one used in IWD:EE. thanks, I will try it out.
  25. regarding 324. Any way to change string 26818 to different one? I'd like to use this effect in BG2:EE but it shows up wrong desription.
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