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  1. 1) Correct 2) SCS v30 is the latest: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=914 3) There is a component called Multiple Strongholds in the Tweaks Anthology v4 mod: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?s=acb01f9689068744b6278bf64a850bee&app=downloads&showfile=973 4) I had the same problem with in the Astral Prison: Enemies randomly wonder around springing traps. I did not have the widescreen mod installed. I am quite sure it is SCS (v30) that causes this. Another remarks for SCS in the Astral Prison: the Master of Thralls spawned in the southwest (he spawned in the passageway that goes north) instead of the northeast area. But he was only there when I walked around the southwest a couple of times. He is an important character since he drops the Mastery Orb.
  2. Hi Mr Mikkola. You have a misunderstanding regarding the point 4 you quoted from my suggestions: "scale up more fights/dungeons". Not monsters, but rather the fights, such as having a few extra enemies, or having a different creature be present if the party level was higher. Some areas do this already in BG2, such as fighting Vellin Dahn in the Bridge District/Tanner's: the Bone Fiend is present only if the party is above a certain level. And, thank-you for your mods.
  3. Well met! I am not sure of the scope of the future tweak ideas, but here goes...These are based on recent play throughs of BG2. Some wishes: 1. A re-loaded Autosave should always have the same party members selected as when the Autosave was made. Or: select all in party as default upon re-loading an Autosave. 2. When voiced dialog from an NPC initiates, please reduce the volume of the battle music if it is playing. Example: the Avatar of Rillifane, after placing the three quest items while there are hostiles in the area, begins to speak but the battle music is playing (at the same volume level as the NPC's voice) which distracts from the Avatar's voiced dialog. 3. Rest for 2 hours as an option (in addition to existing Rest options). 4. Scale up more fights/dungeons, perhaps for party averages of level 14 and 18. 5. Have some music in the Five Flagons main floor - perhaps some jolly tavern music like there was in BG1 Some small "bugs": 1. Romance music can get cut-off, e.g. when you leave the De'Arnise Keep to the outside area, the romance music (tested with Jaheira's romance) starts but is cut-off after 2 seconds or so. 2. Trademeet, Crypt quest: the Skeleton Warrior animation is glitched (he is kind of stuttering while he summons a skeleton; the casting animation doesn't look right). It is the Skeleton Warrior that posses the Mantle of Waukeen quest item. 3. Inside Harper's Hold: confrontation with Galvarey and four Harpers: defeating Nadinal is worth 0 xp (BG2 and BGT). 4. Encounter with Reviane and four Harpers (outdoors): defeating the mage is worth 0 xp (BG2 and BGT). 5. Encounter with Dermin and four others (outdoors; 3rd time meeting Dermin): defeating the mage (Chrost?) is worth 0 xp, again (BG2 and BGT). 6. Graveyard, Chapter 6, night time: defeating Stein is worth 0 xp (his goons are worth 1k xp each). 7. Umar Hills, Fael: once he walks inside the tavern you can no longer talk to him. To fight him you have to force-fight/F2, or fail an attempted pick pocket. 8. Delon's first encounter: if this encounter occurs while in Umar Hills, Delon reverts to his initial dialog (when the party met him in the Government District, i.e. he talks to Minsc, and is looking for a fighter-type). When you then speak to Minister Lloyd for the actual stronghold quest Lloyd says you are not worthy of your ranger status and you lose the stronghold even though you are a ranger (or cleric/ranger). Thank-you very much for the fixes, patches and mods!
  4. Hi there, thank-you for the very nice mod! I am playing BG2 on Windows, with lots of mods installed as per BWP v.17 by Leonardo Watson, to the best of my ability. I encountered two issues, one with Arledrian and one with AR0328. 1) Arledrian (Gaelan Bayle's house, upstairs) becomes hostile right after poisoning Vulova in his estate (Government District). Arledrian is not hostile just before we enter Vulova's Estate to give the poison to the Cook. Worse yet, Arledrian cannot be charmed or dire charmed once he's gone hostile. Is there a Console command I can use to get Arledrian back? My path is the Paladin path, but the readme says you can still to the first 2 Malficus quests, so I tried them. 2) Renal Bloodscalp and Shadow Thieves are not present in area AR0328 when doing the Paladin quest 1. The area has no enemies or NPC's. What magical loot am I missing out on? The containers are reset and there is a chest in that area that seems to require a key? Is there a Console command I can use to get the key to the chest? The good news is I could complete Paladin quest 1. I started Alternatives after finalizing Renal's quest (kill Mae'Var) in area AR0306, and I did not accept the Thieves' Stronghold. Thanks! Weidu log:
  5. I have found a black border solution for Baldur's Gate 2 (original, patched to 26498), at least for my laptop (Windows 8.1). The Win 8.1 laptop has: integrated Intel HD 4600; and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850M; 1920x1080 built-in display; connected to a glorious Ultrasharp 2560x1440 monitor. Briefly: select the resolution options "Multiple displays" and "Duplicate on 2 and 3" using a cable or adapter connected to a 3rd monitor or a TV (off is OK) solves the black border/scaling problem for me with 3D Acceleration enabled, running at 1280x720. ---:::---:::--- My laptops can run BG2 with no scaling issues WITHOUT 3D Acceleration; however, wouldn't it be great to finally try the 3D Acceleration setting? Whenever I check the 3D Acceleration box on BG2 options it does not "scale full screen" and no matter what I do I can't get the huge black borders to go away. This includes running the exe's in various compatibility modes, updating drivers, switching between the Intel integrated card and NVIDIA, disabling triple buffering and changing other NVIDIA options, and trying different monitors. It simply won't scale with the 3D Acceleration box checked. I like to run the game at 1280 x 720 (used to use 800 x 600 when I was using my old school 4:3 monitor which is 1280 x 1024, but the Ultrasharp has a significantly better picture). 1. Install Widescreen mod; set to 1280 x 720; set monitor ("Monitor 1") to 1280 x 720 to match the Widescreen mod. Monitor is connected via the Mini DisplayPort (MiniDP) but this also works when connected via HDMI. 2. NVIDIA control panel: set BG2 to use NVIDIA graphics processor (or Integrated) and make sure triple buffering is disabled. 3. Plug in a 2nd cable such as HDMI (to a TV or "Monitor 2") or HDMI-to-VGA adapter (or USB-to-DVI); in the "Multiple displays" dropdown select "Duplicate on 2 and 3". On the graphics setting (Panel Fit / Scaling; can access with a Right-click on desktop) select "Scale Full Screen" for both 2 and 3. This option is available if you are NOT using Monitor 1's max resolution. If using only a cable, the other end must be connected to the TV (turned off OK; it is a 1080p Samsung) or 2nd external monitor (off OK). 4. Start game, skip intro videos, go to SoA main screen -> It is not scaled; the game is very small with a huge black border. 5. Reconnect or remove/reconnect HDMI cable (or adapter) to laptop -> Monitor 1 reverts to 1280 x 720 and has scaled to full screen! Note: the TV is off but HDMI cable must be plugged into it; at this step if using an adapter, it does not need to actually be connected the 2nd monitor. If needed: make sure the desktop settings are still "Duplicate on 2 and 3" both 2 and 3 are set to 1280 x 720. If ALT-tab to desktop while running the game then unplug/re-plug the HDMI cable (or the adapter) and it reverts back to scaling to full screen at 1280 x 720! Desktop must be set to 1280x720 or the Widescreen mod will fail. ---:::---:::--- Re-start the laptop so the system remembers what to do when the cable/adapter is plugged in, just to be sure. The 3D Acceleration setting does improve the graphics by reducing the pixelation, among other things I presume, and also allows you to install the 1pp (One Pixel Productions) option called "Softer spell effects" (to do so after 1pp is installed already: select "Re-install" for components already installed). 1pp version 4.1.0 from shsforums.net does indeed work even though it says "file is corrupt". Note: if I had a monitor that had a full screen mode "max'ed out" to my desired resolution, I assume there would be no scaling problem.
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