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Cracking the whip (in the nicest possible way?)


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I have nothing tangible to contribute here, but as someone who loved the Kivan BG2 mod, and has always wanted my IWD2 playing experience to have more "soul", I just wanted to let y'all know that I follow the "Doing, Doing, To Be Done" thread religiously, and look forward to the day when this forum gets bumped into the "Released Projects" section. :)


So... keep up the good work!



Luiz - who would probably look rather odd in a cheerleader's costume.

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Ouch! That whip... (j/k) I think you'll find the things in the IWD2NPC that are continuing from Kivan's times, such as friendships, the possibility to annoy an NPC a number of times before s/he starts sulking or what not, but also a few new things.


The biggest difference I think will be the interconnected and numerous romantic conflicts; my wild experiments with the dynamic, rather than prohibitive romantic matches and environment-dependent flirt-packs.


There are also a few tricks from BG1NPC times, mainly that I got to write the characters that channel all sorts of different types of humor from fluffy to black and consistent PC voices throught the romance (my particular favorite is 'Xan's' PC voice in one of the romances and the introspective-intuitive voice in another.)


Hopefully, it will all blend well with the original game and inspire subsequent development of more NPCs for IWD2.

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Well, my copy of IWD2 just arrived yesterday and it's ready to be installed -- depending on how fast this mod gets released. :D


And I have no idea what IWD2 (or IWD1 for that matter) is about... :)


Um... how's that for a vote of confidence?

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Guest Lord Balor
I just realised, this mod is added incentive for me to finish writing that IWD2 walkthrough (from 3 years ago!).


The only thing I know about modding is that games can be improved to know end if someones dedicated enough, I love the IWD games; and I've never posted anywhere before but i found this place a few months ago, and i check this site almost every day for any updates:D

There's nowt i can do to help; but when its done rest assured I'll play it to death.

Thank you for giving us lovers of the infinity engine some hope for the future.

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Guest Lord Balor again....

I just realised I quoted the wrong post, but you know what I meant yeah?

Long live the chimera!

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I have never finished IWD2.


I've been waiting since shortly after you started your NPC project to play IWD2. I've gotten up to chapter 2 or 3 before, but I lost interest due to the lack of dialog and resemblance to BG2.


So I'm really looking forward to the eventual release!

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The fartherst I got to before starting to mod it was Chapter 4. The 'build my own party and develop it' is fun, but not enough to get me going further; I just miss the difference between the "PC" and 'companion' that BG style games gave, even in BG1, when the chars were non-developped. Ironically, not a single character from my 'real' IWD2 party made it into the mod.

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I echo the sentiment - thought it would be a good diversion, got it all researched, installed it, liked the character choices (and reminded me how different 3e and 3.5e are from 2e); made it to the bridge, and by that time was feeling a little cold, hollow, and kind of end-gamish (and the game hadn't really even started). The install is now parked until Domi is ready :) (I can wait...)

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Long live indeed, and I hope that everyone who's just starting to discover the under-rated IWD games will have a blast playing them :)


The original Icewind Dale was my first ever CRPG - what fantastic memories! The backgrounds... the music...


The prospect of having joinable NPCs in IWD2 is too mouth-watering to contemplate...


*hears the sound of that whip gently cracking again*


Erm... you know what I mean...

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