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Ajantis romance problem

Kaptain Kurse

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First I'd like to say great mod, but I've run into a problem:


I'm in Chapter 7 and Duke Eltan has sent me back to Candlekeep. I've just escaped to the catacombs when Ajantis asks for forgiveness for questioning my heritage.


If I forgive him in order to continue the romance, the game just hangs. The side panels disappear and my party just stands about looking around and I have no control. I have to hit the Windows Key to get back to the desktop in order to quit the game.


Should I follow the options to end the romance then the game continues (albeit with a rather sad Ajantis) normally. But I don't want to do that, I want to see the romance through!


Please help (if it can't be fixed I'll end the romance instead!) :)



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It seems a cutscene tries to begin. Is it after he said he wants to give a gift to the PC? Which version are you playing? I would have to look at the code to see what could be happening there.


I'd be happy if you wouldn't have to break his heart. :):)


Thank you for your interest in the romance, I hope you'll enjoy it. (Any feedback would be very much appreciated, btw!).


EDIT: A first poster... For my mod content :)

Welcome to G3, Kaptain Kurse!

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Thanks for the replies. To answer your questions:


Yes, it does hang after he says he wants to give me a gift. I think that a cutscene may indeed be trying to play.


The version I am using is Version 12 Beta 3 for BGT (I can't remember where I got it).


Up to this point, everything has gone great, no problems at all. I am really enjoying the mod and would hate to abandon it now.






Thanks for the welcome.

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Hm, I have to see where I can find this version. My small hope is that somehow the cutscene didn't get compiled correctly or something (no offence meant to the great people who built the version, it would just be the easiest solution. :) )

Can someone direct me to a download (yes, I am lazy and might find it myself later in the evening)?

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Starting with version 12, the same package works on both Tutu and BGT

That's cool. Thank you very much, Kulyok. I didn't notice there is already a double-compatible version for download, so I would have searched at the wrong places.

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I'm trying to help, but need more guidance -- I have open the released Beta3, am in the BGT folders, but need to know what cutscene and LT we are talking about...


operating blindly, I have in the tp2:

  /* cutscene scripts */


in E:\Baldurs Gate Modding\BG Modding\G3Work\ArchiveBG1NPC\BG1NPC-v12Beta3\BG1NPC\BGT\DLG\AjantisChallenges_PR.D


~Global("X#AjantisProtect","GLOBAL",2) Global("X#AjantisCoChalGift","GLOBAL",0)~ THEN ajcochal_gift
SAY @3
IF ~~ THEN DO ~SetGlobal("X#AjantisCoChalGift","GLOBAL",1)
StartCutSceneMode()~ EXIT

~Global("X#AjantisCoChalGift","GLOBAL",1)~ THEN ajcochal_gift_01
SAY @4
IF ~~ THEN DO ~SetGlobal("X#AjantisCoChalGift","GLOBAL",2)~ EXIT


related cutscene:



so unless Chapter 6 (that is Chapter 7 in BGT-language) sets Global("endofbg1","GLOBAL",2), this should be working... but before we make recommendations, let's get centered on which cutscene is not working.

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Kaptain Kurse: Would you check the number of "Global("endofbg1","GLOBAL")" in your savegame, to see whether this might be the main culprit..


cmorgan: I don't think it's called from AjantisChallenges_PR.D, I assume it's the cutscene out of the LT, more precide the Bhaal cycle: "AjantisBhaalLTs.D":


IF ~~ THEN BEGIN bhaalcycle3_10
SAY @146
IF ~~ THEN DO ~SetGlobal("X#AjantisKnowBhaalTalk","GLOBAL",9) SetGlobal("X#AjantisRomanceCut2","GLOBAL",1)
StartCutSceneMode()~ EXIT

IF ~~ THEN BEGIN bhaalcycle3_11
SAY @147
IF ~~ THEN DO ~SetGlobal("X#AjantisKnowBhaalTalk","GLOBAL",9) SetGlobal("X#AjantisRomanceCut","GLOBAL",1)
StartCutSceneMode()~ EXIT

~Global("X#AjantisRomanceCut","GLOBAL",1)~ THEN bhaalcycle3_15
SAY @153
IF ~~ THEN DO ~SetGlobal("X#AjantisRomanceCut","GLOBAL",2) SetGlobal("X#AjantisKnowBhaalTalk","GLOBAL",6) SetGlobal("X#AjantisRomanceThinking","GLOBAL",2)~ EXIT

~Global("X#AjantisRomanceCut2","GLOBAL",1)~ THEN bhaalcycle3_16
SAY @154
IF ~~ THEN DO ~SetGlobal("X#AjantisRomanceCut2","GLOBAL",2) SetGlobal("X#AjantisKnowBhaalTalk","GLOBAL",6) SetGlobal("X#AjantisRomanceThinking","GLOBAL",2)~ EXIT

So, yeah, it's the same cutscene, but called from the Bhaal cycle LT.


Kaptain Kurse: Did you see the Ajantis - Coran challenges? If not, it's the second .d-block that calls the cutscene. If yes, it would be the first block.


What does this "!Global("endofbg1","GLOBAL",2)" do there, anyway? The cutscene only does get triggered from the two locations we identified. I would assume it's a bad idea toput another trigger into the beginning of a cutscene... no?

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Well, it should not be a problem to put another variable there that would always be true, but perhaps it is -


we will have to research. This never popped up as a problem in testing.


I believe in the latest internal, these are removed as there is no need for them - this variable is the one that stops any BG1 NPC Project dialogues, PIDs, you name it, from accidentally triggering or interfering with BG2 content on BGT. It does not appear at all on the Tutu side; on the BGT side it is tagged on everything so that we don't have to worry about all the potentially conflicting mods.


On this version here, the associated talks don't have the variable assigned, so we could try CLUAConsoling it to 0, then initiating the cutscene, then CLUAConsoling it back to whatever it is in the game...

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Kaptain Kurse: From your question I assume you do not have cheats enabled? Do you know Shadowkeeper? With this tool the variables can be checked for a savegame. I think NI (Near Infinity, another IE-modding tool) can be used, too, but I don't know exactly how.


Maybe it's best if you send me your savegame to the email address I told you.


Or maybe cmorgan volunteers to take over, as I do not have a running BGT install. :)

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I do not have BGT, either, but I've just spent some time re-testing it on the latest internal beta(TUTU) at cmorgan's page, and it, thankfully, worked - so I can reassure you at least here.

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me either... berelinde is the only one of us with a BGT install, and she may not be able to look at this until next week.


Step one:



it returns a value: write it down.


Step two:



then try the same dialogue.


Step three:

CLUAConsole:SetGlobal("endofbg1","GLOBAL",{whatever the number you had in step 1})


It is very important that you follow the capitalization and punctuation exactly. This will tell us if it is the extra variable or if we need to search for another problem :)


(Jastey, I have a confirmed *working* from a BGT install, too. Just to be sure, though, I will recheck the cutscenes and remove the variable - it is hard to believe that a cutscene could interfere with anything, sice the dialogues are now single-condition triggers from BAF.)

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