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Any good new alternatives to REPLACE_TEXTUALLY?


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Heya, everyone. I have not been keeping up to date with the new stuff, so I was wondering. If I want to add a Global to a block of script like the one below, is there anything modern out there, or do I just go with the plain old Replace_Textually? Thank you!


	FloatMessage(LastMarkedObject,35458) // As you approach the archway Sseth's Eye suddenly stares at you and you begin to feel the overwhelming compulsion to walk away from it.

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I was looking for it, too, but I'm afraid not. :)


By the way, if I install IWD2 NPCs, and just the NPCs component, is anything else going to be changed in the vanilla game? Because it's going to be my first IWD2 run, so I am wondering.

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IWD2NPC is NPC banter pack, no other stuff, xpt now I'll need to optionize female gnome mages. I need Replace_Textually to make one interjection work. I sure wish there was a way to add to the action sequence in a block of script the same way we can add actions after a line in D file.

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