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I think you are right to wait on NWN 2 ;)


More on topic, I do like your story. What can I say, I don't think it is unreasonable to have Jaheira in a family way :( (of course, I always figured she took preventative measures...)


And I agree, having children definitely requires some serious thinking. One can't exactly go adventuring too much if they have dependents...

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Nice work on the story Kendris, I think you captured Jaheira well, and wove the song and her sadness over Khalid's loss well together.



It's a lot happier than her canonical ending, but hey, it made a good tale.

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yeah, i thought it was great. so sad and touching. and i liked how the elements of sand and water kept coming back in the story, along with the verses of the song. my congratulations.



This was one where the song practically wrote the story for me; got lucky that time.


Glad you liked!

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@ Bri - I always assumed there were some herbs or something that Aerie just didn't know about ;) . But I guess nothing is foolproof.


@BigRob - I try to stay true to the core of each character...but I get fairly flexible with the canonical storyline.


Thanks for the comments! :(

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Even though my PCs never really liked Jaheira, I still consider her a well - written character with a real personality. You managed to capture her nature. It was good to see her after ToB, a proud widow, strong, yet grieving. Nice idea to give her and Khalid a son - personally, I always thought she should have a child to remember her dead housband by...

I think the story would do well without the lyrics. I know it's a songfic (that's how they call it, right?) and the genre alone simply needed it, but still - your tale is good without the song. Maybe it's just me, but I find the text in corsiva not very, hmm, faerunish. But, again - it's just me.

I liked it. Thanks for this 'postcard from Jaheira' :thumbsup:

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