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Two Very Short Voicing Requests


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Dear Soprano Voices of the I.E. Community,


An open request, voicings for two female parts, very short - to go with Romantic Encounters components. The mod is in beta testing, with these lines completed and stable (so no changes or extensions. This is final content). Could two of you wonderful ladies please provide the following? I can promise credit in Romantic Encounters if you wish it, or anonymity if you prefer. I can also trade time helping you code your own project, or assisting in proofreading/editing, or just plain packaging/repackaging materials if you wish!


the two separate sets of lines, complete -


Soprano female voice, sounding young twenties (or slightly younger is ok), cultured lady's maid/attendant, somewhat prone to giggles and blushes, talking to a person she has a "crush" on, 5 lines (replaces Chanelle the Maid's ingame soundset and adds two lines)


~Mistress Nalia left me specific instructions... I am to assist you, and get you looking every inch a noble.~


~I am no one of importance...


~Excuse me, I have only my simple business...


~I am at your service.~


~Somebody help me!~ (replaces the Unhappy/Scared/Run Away sound)



Different voice,


Soprano folksinger/songwriter voice, sounding young to mid twenties, secure minstrel (Blue the Imortal Bard, oh where oh where are you - except you did Keto, and that would not be cool), new NPC Bardess, 4 lines:


~Sheri D'Avignon, of Waterdeep, song and harp. What is your pleasure this evening? Perhaps a song?~


~A song, perhaps, or a ballad? My harp and voice are at your pleasure. Tonight's crowd seems to enjoy some of the more ribald ones...~


~A chanson, perhaps, or a madrigal?~


~My, you have returned to the scene of the conquest!~


Please let me know or simply send me the clips - svowles at comcast dot net. I would greatly appreciate it!

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A soprano? Me, me, me! Seriously though, my recording ability is abyssimal, but what I will do, I'll record Chanelle, as I am definetly infit for a well-set bardic voice, and if you get a better quality recording/voice acting, just substitute it immediately!

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I'm now busily copying Kulyok's code for integration - I have never played with this before, so it is good for me to learn! Still patching D and .cres, then will test. Thank you!

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Gladly - I'm listening to Domi's samples now, and loving them, but, yes, there's some noise.


I only have .ogg files, currently, but cmorgan has .wav ones - I just e-mailed him, asking to send a copy to me and to you.

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Domi, would you please be so kind as to send Ascension64 your .wav s directly? And, I promise you whatever you would like in terms of reciprocity - could you please do Sheri's voiceset one more time, at a slightly faster tempo/speed? They would work just fine if they were tightened up to a quicker conversational speed ;) The French accent works well - reminds me of the Harry Potter "French Women's School for Atrractive Femme Fatales"!


All I have are the .oggs.


I grant both Ascension64 and Kulyok (Kulyok as final word) over voiceset for Sheri. I would love a different set for Chanelle, please, by a different person, so that there is more of a difference between Chanelle and Sheri (both male PC encounters makes it likely that both will be encountered in the same game).

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You think so? In my Xan samples the tone of the actor's voice goes up so that even I can notice. Okay: if you PM me with your e-mail or post it here, I'll send you oggs at once.

What ogg encoder/decoder utility are you using?

When I did Domi's IWD2NPC Project soundsets, she sent them to me in .ogg, which I decompressed, edited, re-compressed into .ogg, and then tossed it back. Domi, did you notice a significant loss in quality? I know there might have been a slight compressor effect added to some of those lines due to some of them having a hefty amount of noise.

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I for decoding, I am using what I use in Xan - it's 74720 bytes in size; and for encoding, I am using WinLAME.


I've just received audio materials from cmorgan; will listen, choose, and e-mail to you shortly.

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I for decoding, I am using what I use in Xan - it's 74720 bytes in size; and for encoding, I am using WinLAME.


I've just received audio materials from cmorgan; will listen, choose, and e-mail to you shortly.

Received, will take a look at them and probably have them by next week. I use the standard oggdec.exe for decoding, and OggdropXP for encoding.

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