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Potions issues

Guest Tael

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Guest Tael

Hello. I've done some research concerning potions, and found inconsistencies. Mainly it's all about stacking. I strongly believe that potions should not stack with themselves. I'm not sure if all will agree with me, but nevertheless, some of them stack, and some don't (although descriptions don't say that they shouldn't stack). So, either way something is to be done about it. Here's the list:



Potion of Absorption

Potion of Cold Resistance

Potion of Fire Resistance

Potion of Genius

Potion of Insulation

Potion of Invulnerability

Potion of Magic Protection

Potion of Magic Shielding (maybe it's worth to increase saving throws bonuces, since some spells go with a penalty to saves)

Potion of Master Thievery

Potion of Mind Focusing

Potion of Perception

Potion of Regeneration

Potion of Stone Form

Red Potion



Oil of speed

Potion of Heroism

Potion of Power (displays Heroism icon, incorrect thieving bonuses, probably should be usable only by rogues)

Also, HP bonuses from Potion of Heroism and Potion of Power do not stack (probably should).


I believe that potions' effects shouldn't stack mostly of 2 reasons:

1. What's the point? I mean, you can just make, for example, potions of fire resistance 2 times more effective and 2 times more expensive, which will result in absolutely the same thing: fire immunity (if you need protection from fire, obviously the more is the better).

2. Too cheesy. Really. I doubt developers wanted to grant immunities so easy.


So, I think effects from different potions should stack, and effects from the same potions shouldn't.

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Good stuff, Tael, and thanks for putting this together. Now on to the inevitable arguments on what to do. :)


One of the main technical problems with stacking potions is that if we wish to prevent it we'll likely have to shoo some of the effects into spells. Not that it can't be done, it's just a bit of work.

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No. It's too much a part of standard gameplay to drink multiple thieving potions when filching the good stuff or downing a few resistance potions when fighting the uber tough.


It might have been nice if it was that way since the beginning, but it's not really something I would consider doing at this point. Additionally, the fact that there isn't a suitable mechanic to accomplish this helps a lot.

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I know I've posted code for this somewhere already; it's not an unpopular request.


But in any case I don't think we're justified in moving from a developer-confirmed "spells don't stack with themselves" to potions; they're not the same thing.

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