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Letter from Nice


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Bonjour cheries!!


Its hot out here.

Really hot.


Im in an internet cafe and this keyboard is different to the english ones...cant find half the punctuation thingies. Like the apostrophe key... -_-


The villas nice and I saw alot of asian girls at Heathrow airport, so that werent too bad. ;)


It be farkin hot, not suprisingly, and Ive spent most of my time snoozing in the nice cool villa. I Saw England go out on the telly (the bloody oven doesnt zork so the 9 pizzas bought are.. well.)


Wish you guys were here (Theres about 5 spare beds so space wouldnt be too much of a problem.) or better yet, I was bqck home...


Anyhoo, normal transmission will resume next saturday hopefully. Counting the days till I go home...

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(Mon francais n'est pas tres bon, et je n'ai pas les accentes avec mon ordinatuer, mais je peux essayer!)


Ah, c’est tres tres chaud ici dans Texas. Mais, maintenant, il pleut. Je voudrais aller au France. C’est possible que il est moins chaud la bas! Vous faites quel choses quand vous etes en France? J'espere que vous avez les tres bon temps!


(Je suis fini. Je suis tres desole pour mon terrible francais!)

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A, bien. Je voudrais aller au France aussi, mais pas de chance. Mon Francais est plus terrible que cet de julewise, mais j'aimer le parler tout de suit... Dites bonjour a tous les choses merveilleux que tu peus voir la pour moi et aves tres bon temps!


A bientot,


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Wait a minute, how are you supposed to be watching it before you find it? That sounds like dodgy logic to me. I think some airlines are trying to cover their arses from theft lawsuits....

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