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Same problem with Java 6 update 3.

I browse to the directory where BG2 TOB is installed (+ Official Patch 26498 but nothing else), I make another folder, but all buttons stay greyed.

The game is installed on an extern HD.

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It's not that people are ignoring you, but the author has abandoned maintenance of this tool (and, I think, modding in general). Someone who knows Java would have to pick it up. Does it work if you revert to a previous version of Java?

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We have the same problems with the versions 5.1.12 and 5.1.11, but we can work correctly with version 5.1.10.


Is it possible, that someone could post this older version, so everyone could download this functioning version?


I'm asking, because we want to use this tool in our BWP.


Greetings Leomar

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I have A) the same problem and B) a copy of Version 4.1 (multigui.exe, not the Java version) lying around, if anyone wants it sent. I could upload it somewhere if someone had suggestions.


(Given that this bug essentially renders the tool non-functional, has anyone considered adding a warning on the download page?)

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Guest Guest_Torvald_*



I am also having trouble with the "Go" button greyed out problem with MIT versions v5.1.11 and 5.1.12.


However, I was able to get two earlier versions to work (v4.2 and v5.0.1)


If anyone needs a copy of these two earlier versions, please send an email message request to me at sgammell@satx.rr.com


Happy Gaming!

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