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DLTCEP area making tutorial


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Just for your knowledge: i've added a 8 bit height map editor. It was added in a kind of haste, it can cause some problems if you click on the '8 bit' radiobutton and then save the area :rolleyes:


I still don't know what is the significance of 8 bit heightmaps, this change was more like a researching tool than a finished feature.


For heightmap researchers:

ar1300 (nalia's keep) in bg2 is the most interesting one

some pst and how heightmaps

iwd2 has no meaningful heightmaps at all, let alone 8 bits :)

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I remember one of the older versions of your tutorial contained a page that allowed the tutorial to be downloaded as a zip/rar file. Unfortunately, I cannot find it anymore. Is it still available?

I shot it with this update. I'll try to remember to reinstate it but I'll be out of the country (i.e. away from this PC) for a week.



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