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Could someone who speaks German...


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Somebody pointed me to this game: Drakensang




But it's forum is all in German, and the English info available does not really answer the most interesting questions, such as will there be a talkative joinable NPCs (in other words BG2, KOTOR, JE-style), how many of them, how many will be included in the party etc.


Could someone who speaks German or knows stuff about the game let me know? I mean, I can't even register at the forum by some reason to see it, I am guessing it tells me that it's offline untill further notification, but I can be very much msitaken.....

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NPCs info? Are there any joinables, how many, are they talking to each-other and the PC? Romances? Is it going to be available in English if all of the above is 'yes'? How big is the party size? I saw a screenshot with 3 joinables. Can you maintain your party, or are NPCs dropped on you and removed?

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According to this page, they're saying it's party-based, like Baldur's Gate. This page says that they might release a modder's toolset after its release.


This page seems to answer some of your other questions: there's a whole bunch of NPCs, and you can sign them up and dismiss them whenever you want.


Not a word anywhere about romances. Not looking hopeful.

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Are there any joinables, how many, are they talking to each-other and the PC? How big is the party size? I saw a screenshot with 3 joinables. Can you maintain your party, or are NPCs dropped on you and removed?

Yes, up to 3 permanent and up to 2 temporary group members ("joining" the group for the duration of a quest, for example). Full control over the perm group members, no info on whether the same goes for the temps. Total number of NPCs is unknown yet. Apparently one can choose the potential perm members freely, though some of them might have special conditions one has to meet (for example, doing a certain quest).


[Edit:] NPCs will intervene in dialogs, comment on some things and will banter at each other.




? (No info.)


Is it going to be available in English if all of the above is 'yes'?

Found no info concerning a possible translation, sorry. :) (Normally I'd have serious doubts, especially considering that The Dark Eye is a German RPG with little to no standing in other countries, but since the took the trouble of building an english website, I don't think it unlikely.)




All of this comes from the german webpage.

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It said 50% combat, 30% "dialogues and interaction", whatever that means, 20% "other."


Doesn't look terribly promising.


Since the English webpage is not a professional-quality translation, I'm not terribly optimistic about its English availability.

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Ah, Drakensang! I've been looking forward to it for ages! :) I hope they will keep their promises.


You're right, the forum is currently offline, but I found another one here.


The website says that Drakensang (could be translated as "Dragon's song", though it's not an actual word) is "a classic CRPG in the style of Baldur's Gate". It is set in the world of Das schwarze Auge (The Dark Eye) which is quite a lot like Renaissance Europe, Arabia and even tropical regions with magical additions. I've never played the P'n'P version, but I love the novels.


About character creation:

Generally, you can decide which gender your PC has, except for two cases (amazons, naturally, can only be female and there's also one other class I don't know, some kind of tribal warrior). However, you can not choose hairstyle or face or whatever, the archetypes of each class are pre-modelled.

Races and professions depend on each other, e.g. if you want to play a dwarf, you can only play as a "Sappeur" or "Prospektor".

Races are: One type of elves, one type of dwarves and 6 different types of humans ("Tulamiden" and “Mittelländer" appear twice, as mages/fighters and thieves/mages). The different types of humans belong to peoples living in different parts of the world of DSA and are based on RL, e.g. Tulamiden are "Arabs", Thorwaler are "Vikings", etc.).


About groups and NPCs:

You will be able to have a party of four, your PC and 3 NPCs of your own choice. How many NPCs there are in total they don't tell yet. You will meet them on your way and be able to add them to your group or send them away, just as you like. You will have full power over their equipment, stats and actions.

You will also be able to have (or will have to have, I don't know) up to two additional NPCs who will join you only temporarily for a quest. They don't know yet how much you can control them.

There will be banters, interjections, quarrels and other stuff, maybe even romances. In the novels, there is usually a lot of swearing, fighting, sex and other good stuff and the world seems lively and funny, but I don’t know how far they will go in Drakensang.


It should take about 40 hours to complete the game for an average player.


About the plot:

A church of one of the 12 gods has announced a special quest for a dragon. In order to be allowed to go on that quest you have to prove yourself worthy first. The plot is linear and they say there will only be one ending. However, there will be many sidequests and different solutions to quests in general. The gameworld keeps as closely as possible to the novel/P'n'P world, there will be different fractions and organisations you might cooperate with and you'll meet some celebrities. They say the game will offer 50% combat, 30% dialogues and interaction and 20% exploring the gameworld.


About combat:

It's more of a tactical game; you'll be able to pause and not be forced to click like mad in order to defeat your enemies.

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It is starting to sound more promissing. I hope they will do an English version or someone translates it privately! It would be nice to have something else apart from DA to look forward to from the commercial companies.

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They will, but there are no previews of any translated files. Unfortunately, they are also tight-lipped about how much banter each NPC will have. The community apparently hopes for KOTOR-NWN2 quantity (Okay, KOTOR is better than NWN2), but it's just hopes. There is also no info on distribution to States and Canada.... I hope they do the pay per download kind of service to be honest, to cut the silliness of the looking for the game in the local stores (which are pretty much PC-games free nowadays) or mail-ordering it.

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