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LoI's revised priest system


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As part of the optional new kits component, all of the priestly classes (i.e. the cleric, druid and monk) are being grouped together under "Priest" in the character selection screen. They'll be joined by several brand new additions, such as the crusader, mystic and speciality priest.


This system means that halflings and elves will be able to become druids (as the Complete Druid's Handbook says they may be), and opens up new dual- and multi-class possibilities, the latter being handled via an in-game dialog.


The existing cleric and druid kits will still be available (along with many new ones), but you'll chose them through an in-game dialog, along with your character's deity and (in the case of druids) druidic branch. Specialisty priests will also have to chose a deity, though in their case it affects the entirety of their abilities. As you can see from one of the screenshots, the monk will have a selection of kits as well(!)


The shots:


#1 - the human selection, displaying the monk's new kit possibilities and some of the advantages of the 2nd Edition monk, which we're calling the "spiritual monk". The existing, 3rd Edition-esque BG2 monk is now the "martial monk".


#2 - the dwarf selection, explaining how speciality priests work. The number of priest types open to dwarves is currently rather few, but we're planning to add a few more race-specific types of priest in the future. For dwarves, the vindicator is a fairly safe bet.


# 3 - the gnome selection, detailing the spheres of magic available to clerics. Again there aren't many choices at the moment, but additional kits (such as the rocktender) will be added.


#4 - the half-elf selection, featuring the crusader's description.


#5 - the halfling selection, listing the various druid kits. Yes, halflings can be druids! (see above)


#6 - the halfbreed (formerly half-orc) selection, showing off the spheres of magic used by the war priest, a type of priest only available to halfbreeds.


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With the the exception of the weapon restrictions, a few of the shaman's special abilities, and the monk kits, everything above is already finished ;). Though as mentioned above, I'll be creating a few more kits once that's done.

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I have a few questions for you, NiGHTMARE:


1.) What spells (if any) do monks cast?

2.) What is the mystic and the shaman really about?

3.) Will there be orc/ogre/monster dieties to choose from for half-breeds?


Let's hope this will peak my interest even more in this kit system. ;)



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1) The spiritual monk has major access to the spheres of all, divination, guardian, numbers, and thought; and minor access to the spheres of combat, healing, necromantic, and time. The arcane monk will actually be a mage kit, and can cast spells up to level 5 (though this is subject to change). The other two types of monk can't cast any spells.


2) The mystic is a priest type introduced in the 1st appendix of Faiths & Avatars. "The mystic is an individualistic, itinerant priest. He believes that to serve his deity he needs to experience the world, learn about its hidden nature, and learn how his own inner self relates to outward things. He has a very arresting personality and can project his inner strength to influence others through a number of charming powers. Because of his personal, free-form approach toward enlightenment, the mystic often becomes a hermit, healer, or adventurer."


The shaman was introduced by Player's Option - Spells & Magic, and fleshed out a little more by F&A. There's also a shaman in the Complete Book of Humanoids, hence the reason why shaman is available to halfbreeds (though the Complete Book version is somewhat different). "The shaman is a priest of a barbaric or savage culture. He serves as guide and protectors for his tribe. The shaman has fair combat ability and spell access, but he also has a special connection to the spirits of animals, ancestors, and nature. This connection allows him to call on the spirits for guidance, knowledge and magical aid."


3) Yep, at least a couple of orc deities (Gruumsh being a definate), and the lone ogre deity, Vaprak the Destroyer, will be available. There'll be at least one appropriate deity for the other types of halfbreed too.

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I wouldn't be averse to doing something for those who might want to be demonologists (e.g. Demogorgon worshippers) or diabolists (Asmodeus and others), and perhaps even Orcus, too.

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Can't wait to see these kits in action. ;) A few more questions (if you don't mind, hopefully not):


1.) Are there druid-type specialist priests? This means that specialty priests of Silvanus, Eldath, etc. would be in the specialist priest category.

2.) Any plans on revamping the paladins and rangers?



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Druids, rangers and paladins will all be able to chose a deity to worship, which will grant them a couple of bonus spheres of magic and maybe one or two other things. These aren't kits or classes though, and the old kits (as well as plenty of new ones ;)) remain in place.


EDIT: of course, you won't have to chose a specific deity for these classes. There should really be some form of advantage for not having a deity in order to offset the bonus spheres, but I'm not sure what it'll be yet.

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I am guessing it's the latter. Same for Paladins and Rangers, though I'm not sure. What I am sure is that you can controll the spell level progression manually, so it won't be a problem packing everything within the priest class section.



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