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Angelo and networking


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Recently, I started to suspect that slipping in links works much better than your average global "Hey, look at what we've just released!" announcements. So I went and quietly spread the word around:


- From Xan forums to my LJ, from which it went to Russian BG LJ community. In both cases, I immediately got "Oh, I remember! He's got this sexy voice! Please tell him he's got fans in Russia!(okay, okay, the last bit happened only in LJ space)" reaction.


- At Bioware boards, I was pleasantly surprised that my "keep posting links to Fury, Hopelessly Ever After and my other favourite fanfics in each and every 'Recommended fanfic' thread" approach worked, and I got "Oh, yes! I loved this character in Fury!" reaction.


- At Aerie.ru boards, nothing happened. On the other hand, Vlad hasn't appeared, either, which has been a pleasant surprise.


(And on a related note, when talking about mods on Ironworks, a player advised me to play some IWD).


So spread the word around! It works, I checked. :band:

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True Modding 2.0 would probably mean we all had to make Viral Videos involving dressing up as our favorite BG2 characters, going to our local pan-Asian grocery, and asking for provisions for a long sea voyage to Kara-Tur. (videotape rolls, hilarity ensues, insert lightsaber effects because that's just what you do.)


And punchy slogans like


jcompton is APPENDing

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I'd like to instert a witty response, but I just got myself the third season, so the only contribution I can make(in the fanboy mode I'm now, and before I disappear to watch Episode 1) is to suggest a Minbari haircut.

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I got "Oh, yes! I loved this character in Fury!" reaction.


That was me. :-D I loved fury period, (except perhaps that disturbing stuff in the Mines... and I'm far from oversensitive.) and I did find it through some link .someone send somewhere... I think on the Bioboards. Might have been you. In which hypothetical case, hypothetical thanks.


Hopelessly ever after, you say? *goes check it out*

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And Reclaiming, too - both at Fanfiction.net boards. I'd really recommend Zenith, though it's got no Xan in it, and Siblings, though it has only one or two mentions of Xan. (And none of Angelo). Also, there's Baldur's Gate(just "Baldur's Gate") - I think Angelo is just about to appear; it's quite good.


And, yes, please, feel free to continue plugging your own mods in these threads. :band: As long as people keep coming to the community our sites and forums, it's all good.

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No, Vlad is Vlad. :band: You'll notice him soon enough if you start to comment on the numerous faults, general blandness and grammatic/punctuation errors in NEJ dialogue.


But that's off-topic. And as for Angelo, yesterday I saw "And there's this new Angelo NPC I really have to try out" at rpg.net, which means the word *has* spread around indeed. ;)

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Cheers for the recommendations by the way, Kulyok. I don't like all of them, but Siblings is the coolest story since the Illiad. (How's that for hyperbole? But it -is- a pretty awesome concept, made to work beautifully through some excellent characterisation)


The story actually does have a mention of Angelo, and a few of Xan, but I honestly don't care which characters are in a story... much more whether the story works on its own merits. I'm far more likely to read multiple works by the same author across different genres than I'm to read stuff in the same genre by different authors. (which is why I've read very little in the way of BGfanfiction, probably. Time to rectify that.)

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