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Q: Enslaving genies?


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The Monster Manual doesn't say much on this, other than 'they're summoned by mages..." etc. etc. Perhaps the wizard binds (as per the 8th level spell) the genie until it accepts to perform a certain action? Or did you mean a more permanent enslavement (ie like the Genie in Chateau Irenicus)? Perhaps in combination with a Trap the Soul spell or some such?

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I'd guess with a summoning circle with the proper enchantments/protections, plus something connected with the genie or its home plane (if its true name is known, then it's much easier), and then proceed with the desired binding (there are several types). A Trap the Soul spell basically locks a creature's life force inside a gem, so it could be tweaked a little to allow the genie to be released so it could perform duties for its master. There are several specs required: high value gem, certain spells casted on it, a carved statuette of the subject to be binded, etc.


I can post/PM the said spells, if you'd like.

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how would one summon and trap/bind a genie to an object for future summoning?
I'm pretty sure "canon" RPGs swiped everything about djinn and the like from the 1001 Nights and such ancient Middle Eastern folk tales (e.g. Aladdin, Ali Baba etc.). Basically they're bound to specific objects, like lamps and rings, and can be compelled to return there by the objects' owners. As to how they got bound in the first place, I'd guess some sort of specific high-level spell similar to others used to prepare magic items, bind demons and whatnot (though probably without the pentagrams etc., which are specific to creatures from the lower planes).
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