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Two Harry Potter movies for book 7 - Yates directing


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Okay, the two-parter isn't that bad: I've just seen the trailer for The Spiderwick Chronicles, and compared to THAT, I'd rather have as much Harry Potter as possible, even badly directed Harry Potter.


But Yates for Movie 5, 6, 7 and 7a? :thumbsup: It's going to be so, so horrible. I recall Movie 3 was good, with Cuaron directing, but... eh. We're doomed.

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Really? I thought the 3 was bad. Actually, I don't think I really liked any one of them since the 2. The first was your normal kid discovers he is special thinggie with a bunch of nonsensical events thrown in, the second was a bit better, but all others were just going downhill for me. That, and I generally dislike time travelling plots. Or was it the 4th and the 3rd was about floating thinggies?

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