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A FAQ...


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In case anyone has any questions. :groucho:


Tell me about the NPC...


Name: Mur'Neth

Class: Thief (new kit, Ghaunadan)

Gender: None, but appears male

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

STR: 17

DEX: 16

CON: 16

INT: 11

WIS: 10

CHR: 14

Level: 3

Proficiencies: Club, dagger.

Skills: No particular bias.

Starting equipment: Club, studded leather, buckler, throwing daggers.


He has the following unique kit:


GHAUNADAN: These vile, intelligent monsters are the loyal servants of Ghaunadaur, the evil deity venerated by oozes, slimes, jellies and some drow. Ghaunadans are similar to oozes, but they are quite intelligent and can form their bodies into the shape of an attractive humanoid. In its natural form, a ghaunadan resembles an oozelike creature such as an ochre jelly or green slime.


Ghaunadans lack many of the advantages of thieves, but make up for these with unique abilities of their own, such as their charming gaze and unique resistances.



- May cast Friends once per day per 2 levels.

- Immune to blindness, poison, disease, sleep, paralysis, gaze attacks and stunning. In addition, they have 10% resistance to bludgeoning damage.

- Can make an Ooze Touch attack once per day per 3 levels. This ability lasts for 5 rounds. The attack does d6 damage and the target must save vs. poison or be held for 5 rounds.

- Can shapeshift between ooze and human forms once per day per 5 levels. While in ooze form, all the character's attacks are paralytic. There is no limit to the time spent in either form.



- Only gets 15 skill points per level.

- Cannot set traps.


And here's his Bio:


When you ask about his past, MUR'NETH turns towards you and lets out a long, tortured gurgle. Although his true form is that of an ooze, he seems comfortable being referred to as a male.


You glean from his words a deep devotion to his deity Ghaunadaur, creator of his race. Mur'Neth reveals this is typical for his kind - they truly live to serve him. Mur'Neth was spawned only recently to investigate the tainting of the ores beneath the Nashkel Mines, which has resulted in the deaths of many of the native oozes and moulds in the area. This displeased Ghaunadaur greatly, though he seems content to permit Mur'Neth to accompany you for now...


The portrait (recoloured by Immortality) is at the bottom of this post. And yes, he is voiced, by Jason Compton. ???


OMG R0MANC??////


Uh... No.


Do I need TotSC or ToB?


You shouldn't do, though I've tested it using both installed.


Will it work on my Mac?


There is an OS X version available, yes. Look on the Downloads page.


This is a mod for Tutu, right? What about BG1 or BGT?


The mod now works with Tutu or BGT, and it will detect which you are using. It will not work on plain BG1.


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Guest avenger_work

Haha, when i first read it, i thought it was adjusted to sound at least barely human :)


But Alivad sounds ok, so i rejected this thread of thinking.


One question only: how the hell can an ooze faced, vomit speaking thingie get a charisma of 16.


This shouldn't be a class restriction imposed thingie, so why?

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The stats are loosely based on the stats of the monsters in pnp. The high CHR (even though it is an ooze) is because they are meant to have a magically charming gaze and so be easily able to persuade people to do things (part of the reason the kit grants Friends as an innate).


So, yeh, physically yucky though magically made pretty charismatic. :)

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Also, Charisma isn't just physical looks. It also is about force of personality, and capability of convincing others that you are right. Take for example paladins or some of the demons. Both of these groups have have charisma, but they don't necessarily have to look beautiful. Its all about how strong their personalities are.

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