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Bracketed notations within strings


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Can someone please tell me what the purpose of a bracketed notation within a string means, when there is also a bracketed soundclip after it? I'm talking about, for example:

@100 = ~[ALORA 02] Aaah! Somebody hide me!~ [ALORA02]
I know the bracketed notation after the string refers to a soundclip, but what about the one within it? It doesn't print, it isn't a variable... what's the purpose?
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I am now adding this to my own stuff for ease of translators when there aren't soundclips, too - that way when they work with a .tra, they can read who is suposed to be speaking (especially good for masculine/feminine languages)


~[ALORA] blah blah bloah~

~[KELDORN] blah blah bloah~

~blah blah bloah~


makes it easy to see who says what when working with an isolated .tra file - PC has the no-comment-included lines. (as proofreaders and translators do).

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Yeah. If you have reason to display the brackets in the game (you never will), they can be escaped as expected ("\[" will cause the bracket to appear instead of being treated as a comment).


IIRC, IWD used comments more (where you can find stuff like notes for the voice actors and stuff in a lot of the strings), and BG2 didn't use them at all. BG/TotSC comments were mostly just labels for soundset strings (even the dialogue defaults and such that don't have sounds), although I think they commented a few item descriptions here and there.

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My only real issue is the leading space between the end bracket and the text. Does that show up in-game? Seems to from what I can tell... so can it be deleted safely?

Stick it to the end of your line rather than the beginning to workaround the issue :crazyeyes:

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BioWare put the leading space in soundset strings in as a convention. There's always space between the "Name-" part and the string in the console window, however, so you don't need to preserve it.

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