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Quitch feedback thread


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Just started entering the pain that is Tutu. Picked up this mod, and despite not being very far it's a wonderful mod, really refreshing to get the thing that made BG2 so good ported back to BG1 (and even in so far as Imoen recognising places like Beregost).


Just one, slightly jarring moment, came when Imoen called Gorion "dad". During the entire series he is never called this. The PC will call him Gorion or foster-father. Imoen always calls him Gorion. This slip into "dad" takes me right out of the game and I'd reccomend a change in the wording.

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I can't recall it word for word, she is asking you how you're coping with the loss of your dad. I had this banter almost immediately after she joined the party.

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After killing the mage at the Friendly Arm, Imoen talks about finding his spellbook, but incorrectly spells his name, substituting an i for an e, turning... uh, Tashen (:)) into Tashin, or whatever the hell his name was.

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In one of my replies to Imoen (during her chat about the Friendly Arm Inn mages spellbook which we take off his body apparently) I can say misremember... WTF? What's wrong with forget, or don't remember? You know, real words.

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In BG1 there weren't any actions (unless I'm misremembering), and in BG2 there were the odd one or two for which brackets were used. In this mod you have chosedn asterisks. Why? Would it not be better to fall in line with BG2?


The instance I am thinking of is in a Kivan banter with the PC where he kicks off with *smiles* (I then had a banter where I could ask if nothing made him happy. Seems the PC has a short memory).

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SAY ~Good. I'd hate to see this eat away at ya. We'll get him, you know. That guy, whoever he was, who killed your dad. We'll find out who he is and pay him back good!

And don't even think of ditching me either. I know what I'm doing and I'm in this as much as you. I liked Gorion and you're my best friend.

I'm your best friend too, whether you know it or not. You can count on me and don't you forget it!~

IF ~~ THEN REPLY ~I can't make any promises, Imoen. I intend to assemble the most efficient group possible. Your skills may end up being redundant.~ GOTO IMPC1.4

IF ~~ THEN REPLY ~What brings this on, Imoen? I don't think I've ever seen you act this way!~ GOTO IMPC1.5


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Main Entry: mis-

Function: prefix

Etymology: partly from Middle English, from Old English; partly from Middle English mes-, mis-, from Old French mes-, of Germanic origin; akin to Old English mis-; akin to Old English missan to miss

1 a : badly : wrongly <misjudge> b : unfavorably <misesteem> c : in a suspicious manner <misdoubt>

2 : bad : wrong <misdeed>

3 : opposite or lack of <mistrust>

4 : not <misknow>

mis·act mis·ad·dress mis·ad·just mis·ad·min·is·tra·tion mis·ad·vise mis·aim mis·align mis·align·ment mis·al·lo·cate mis·al·lo·ca·tion mis·anal·y·sis mis·ap·pli·ca·tion mis·ap·ply mis·ap·prais·al mis·ar·tic·u·late mis·as·sem·ble mis·as·sump·tion mis·at·trib·ute mis·at·tri·bu·tion mis·bal·ance mis·be·have mis·be·hav·er mis·be·hav·ior mis·bound mis·but·ton mis·cal·cu·late mis·cal·cu·la·tion mis·cap·tion mis·cat·a·log mis·chan·nel mis·char·ac·ter·i·za·tion mis·char·ac·ter·ize mis·charge mis·choice mis·ci·ta·tion mis·clas·si·fi·ca·tion mis·clas·si·fy mis·code mis·com·pre·hen·sion mis·com·pu·ta·tion mis·com·pute mis·con·ceive mis·con·ceiv·er mis·con·cep·tion mis·con·nect mis·con·nec·tion mis·con·struc·tion mis·con·strue mis·copy mis·cor·re·la·tion mis·cre·ate mis·cre·a·tion mis·cut mis·date mis·deem mis·de·fine mis·de·scribe mis·de·scrip·tion mis·de·vel·op mis·di·ag·nose mis·di·ag·no·sis mis·dial mis·dis·tri·bu·tion mis·di·vi·sion mis·draw mis·ed·u·cate mis·ed·u·ca·tion mis·em·pha·sis mis·em·pha·size mis·em·ploy mis·em·ploy·ment mis·es·ti·mate mis·es·ti·ma·tion mis·eval·u·ate mis·eval·u·a·tion mis·field mis·file mis·fo·cus mis·func·tion mis·gauge mis·gov·ern mis·gov·ern·ment mis·grade mis·iden·ti·fi·ca·tion mis·iden·ti·fy mis·in·form mis·in·for·ma·tion mis·kick mis·la·bel mis·learn mis·lo·cate mis·lo·ca·tion mis·man·age mis·man·age·ment mis·mark mis·mar·riage mis·match mis·mate mis·or·der mis·ori·ent mis·ori·en·ta·tion mis·pack·age mis·per·ceive mis·per·cep·tion mis·plan mis·po·si·tion mis·print mis·pro·gram mis·quo·ta·tion mis·quote mis·rec·ol·lec·tion mis·re·cord mis·ref·er·ence mis·reg·is·ter mis·reg·is·tra·tion mis·re·late mis·re·mem·ber mis·ren·der mis·re·port mis·route mis·set mis·shape mis·shap·en mis·shap·en·ly mis·sort mis·strike mis·throw mis·time mis·ti·tle mis·train mis·tran·scribe mis·tran·scrip·tion mis·trans·late mis·trans·la·tion mis·truth mis·tune mis·type mis·uti·li·za·tion mis·vo·cal·i·za·tion mis·write

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Well, as long as she does not refer to Gorion as her own father, I think it is not a big deal, no? I saw daddy and dad used in BG texts. She calls him Mister G after all in the beginning, why not PC's dad?

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