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If Ravenloft doesn't have 'em, it's probably not allowed.


Perhaps it would result in death, but resurrection from such a death would only be possible if the vampirism was cured first (like poisoning and disease in PnP rules).


Bodhi might just abduct Delainy to kill her as punishment for CHARNAME.


Then again, werewolved are'nt immune to a vampire's charm, are they....  :D

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Nope werewolves aren't immune to the charm, not unless they succumb to a killing frenzy (depending which rules are used).


If nothing else, I could have her capture and charm Del...which doesn't need to be going to that stupid alter afterward...I'll think of something...

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No, no plans to vampirize her yet...and some of the sources I have either don't say anything about lycanthrope vampires, or else it isn't allowed...

Bodhi: I had thought, charname, to take your lover, here with me, back to my abode...i know she is a werewolf, and thus I cannot...shall we say, grant her the gifts i can bestow on her to make her...more alluring to you, but it does not prevent me from trying experiments...obviously, since you have a werewolf as a lover, you are into new and different experiences. So here i was, bored and restless, and when i had heard you might be visiting my boudoir, i had thought to present you with something truely exotic, to titillate your "sophisticated" tastes, a werevampire. What do you say, charname? Shall i see if Ao could be confounded? Shall I take her away for an extreme makeover?


del: you'll burn pretty when i drag your screaming body out into the sunlight, undead whore!!!


charname: Yah...what she said!



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