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Removing Kits

Guest Jack

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I have TDD installed, but I was hoping to remove the kits provided so that I can add in other kits from different mods. I saw that it had been done in the Cleric Remix mod, and I was wondering how to do it. I've never done any modding before, and I opened up the 2DAs in the Remix folder, but its contents were meaningless to me. Could anyone explain how to remove the kits?

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The kits available to the player on character creation are controlled by the K_x_y.2da files, where the x is a letter corresponding to a class and the y corresponding to a race. For example, the K_F_E.2da file controls what kits are available to an elven fighter. (You can find a full breakdown of what K_x_y.2da goes with which race/classes in the KITTABLE.2da file.)


For Cleric Remix, all we did was copy over K_C_*.2da files that included only the original Bioware kits. The easiest way to accomplish this for yourself would be to find a "clean" copy of the relevant K_x_y.2da files (i.e from before TDD installation or from an unmodded BG2 install) and drop them in your override--this will remove the TDD kits from the character creation screen--and then add kit mods after this.


Note that this does not actually remove the kits from the game, so any NPC or monster that needs the kits will be fine. It just allows you to change the kits available to the PC during character creation.

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On a slightly related note, for anyone distributing kits, I've made a tool with which you can position your kit within the first 9, so it shows as a player selectable kit. It's used in Windwalkers Kit Pack, over at Blackwyrm. It's available at http://www.mcwrench.com/temp/imp(03).zip (I think thats the latest version), and theres an example of it distributing a kit at http://www.mcwrench.com/temp/imp_example.rar.

It's quite mean though (possibly pushing other peoples kits out of the 9 selectable slots).

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Hey Ronin_DOG pm'd me about this issue with the kits, but for some reason I can't pm him back so I'm just going to answer him here and sum up what this is all about as I understand it...


After you DL the file Jack has generously hosted (and created?) above you can add other mods custom kits to a TDD (or BP) game. This is accomplished by Jack's installer which puts the original kits in the /override folder. This method leaves the TDD kits intact for the game to use as needed for NPCs and such, but the TDD kits will be unavailable to use for the PC when you startup a new game. Any mods you install after this can add to/replace the original Bioware kits and you don't have to worry about TDD kits filling up all the slots.



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Guest Shiva

I have tried repeatedly for the link to tdd....kit removal.. posted at tripod...

but its there no longer...


is it by chance posted somewhere else? :(

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