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Repeating Rizdaer-Diriel dialogue

Cal Jones

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Playing a female character with both of these in party and I've had the Direl comparing elves and drows talk four times now (including one time when I pressed P and asked if Diriel had anything to say in private). I'm assuming it's a romance conflict dialogue, so tried shutting down Rizdaer but Diriel came up with it again. Just reached Kuldahar - about to go to Chult.

Game is patched; no other mods installed. Do I need to worry about this or will it sort itself out?


Love the mod, btw.

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Guest blackshadows

I have the same problem! I tried to type SetGlobal("P#RIDICO1","GLOBAL",2), but it didn't work. Has anyone got any suggestions for this? :rolleyes:

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You have to open the console (CTRL-Tab, I believe) and type:


SetGlobal("P#RIDICO1", "GLOBAL", 2)



In order to be able to get the console to work, I think there's an option in the IWD2 configuration program.


Hello Gwyn,


I think the above quote by BigRob mainly answers it. Are you sure that you have enabled the console?

Also IWD2 doesn't use the CLUAConsole command. It uses ctrlaltdelete:


So I think that means you go into the game, open the console by pressing CTRL and TAB and then type in,


ctrlaltdelete:setglobal("P#RIDICO1", "GLOBAL", 2)

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