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Mod ensuring a 18/00 roll

Guest Zuff

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The 18/00 rolling needs no explanation, and I know that someone must've made a MOD, to kill this lottery off. The problem is that I can't find any such MOD. Would you happen to know one?

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That gives a straight-across-the-board 18/00-18-18-18-18-18 stats. The good news is if you want to set lower scores, the character generation screen will allow you to subtract from the 18's, and get what you want. So when I want specific chosen stats, I ctr-8, then subtract to what I want, and proceed. The only exception is strength. To change that to something other than a whole number (18/00, 17, 16, etc.) I would use the ancient and venerable ShadowKeeper editor :(


I think the engine will not read below 3 or allow allocation that low.

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Where exactly do you type Ctrl+8? It doesn't seem to work on the regular character sheet in a loaded game, so are we talking about using it in character creation screen - or have I messed up something?

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You have to enable cheats, which means editing your baldur.ini file.


First of all, make sure your game, and all game-related utilities, are NOT running. In your game directory, you'll find a file named baldur.ini. You can edit it with any text editor, like Notepad. The first line says Program Options. Below that, you would need to type





After that, save the file, and you should be good to go... unless you're using Vista. If you are, and if you went with the default installation directory, you may have some trouble editing an ini file. Look here for instructions on setting up your installation for Vista.

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Also, the engine will only allow a value above 75 to be rolled, but you can manually lower that in character creation. Testing on this was done by Frabjous and MereOr.


(Also, Elven Rangers roll the highest, over nearly 60,000 rolls)


Irrelevant but fun. :(



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